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Karen Shun Yuen Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional distributors of electronic components. Runs from around the world, integrated circuits, high frequency, microwave tubes, optical coupling, the second transistor, the less popular side circuit and so on. Professional to provide complementary products for the communications, power, scientific research, computer, automatic control and instrumentation, aerospace, weapons, ships and other military enterprises. After years of effort, expand, and has a solid business foundation and a large number of customer groups, and earnestly seek cooperation with every customer, we have a lot of cash, in order to meet the needs of manufacturers and can provide more comprehensive support services.
    Our company mainly engaged in communication products, the main global plant military, industrial, and cool, discontinued IC. Designed to do: M / A-COM MINI HITTITE, SYNERGY, TRANSCOM, RFMD, the Z-COMM, POLYFET, APEX, WANTCOM, PEREGRINE, HP, PHI, MITSUBIS, TOSHIBA and other high-frequency tubes, microwave tubes, RF tube, mixed frequency of the tube, the varactor: Japan the electric Shenglan (the LAMBDA), Sweden's Ericsson (ERICSSON,), United States Vicor (VICOR), Taiwan's broad (P-DUKE), Japan Kosovo (COSEL) Ibo (BEL) the world's major brands and the power supply module
    We provide products to ensure quality, price advantages, technical support, service and other aspects of the praise of users around the world, especially in the field of aviation, electricity, communications and other electronics factory, Scientific and Design Institute, the Institute and distribution providers and professional electronics market enjoyed a good business reputation.
    The company has a number of both ability and integrity, experienced high-quality industry elite, they do things honest, dedicated, hard-working, up guidelines, adhere to the "first person" style, the full trust of our customers and suppliers and recognition, and the industry established a quality corporate image and good reputation. I hope that our efforts to get the recognition, to create a win-win development.
    We sincerely look forward to your support and cooperation!

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