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zhejiang haodangjia electrical appliance co.,ltd

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 Zhejiang Haodangjia Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd . is located in Cixi by the side of Hangzhou Bay. It is close to the good and natural deep-water port Beilun Port in the north and connects National highway 329 and Hangyong Expressway. Hangzhou Bay Bridge across the bay forms a gold triangle by connecting Hangzhou Bay and Yangtze River Delta.
  The company has reasonable distribution with beautiful environment, pavilions, terraces and flying waterfalls, little bridges and flowing water, lush and green grass and trees. The building integrates classicality and modern, simple and elegant, unfolding and graceful. Now it has four centers of development, training, healing and amusement and it develops towards production modernization, standardized management and garden style factory.
  The factory specializes in producing spin-driers and electrical appliances, small home appliances and household electrical appliances. Products are centrifugal dewaterer, plastic dewaterer and mini-dewaterer, at the same time, it also manufactures connectors and other parts of prospecting instruments of oil field, artificial imported 388 instruments with 16-core plug, artificial multi instruments with 21-core plug, two-series and two-parallel connection, two-series in one line, artificial imported 388 instrument with 16 core back to back etc. The company has finished ISO9000 and products have gained the sign of CCC by the China Certification Committee. With the aim of " you satisfaction is my satisfaction", it accepts OEM of all national big brands and will become your authentic cooperative partners with consciousness of specialty, fine and extract. Since its foundation, it constantly develops new products that are exported far to all parts of the world and win the favors and trust from domestic and overseas traveling traders deeply.

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zhejiang haodangjia electrical appliance co.,ltd