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zhejiang lanfeng machine co.,ltd

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    no2 minor district of the hi-tech park wenzhou econ&tech development zone wenzhou zhejiang china


The blue peak, Zhejiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional development and production of the tanker, filling machine and its accessories, large enterprises, registered capital of 10 million yuan. Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province in 2010 was identified as high-tech enterprises, access to high-tech enterprise certificate. Its predecessor was founded in 1997, Zhejiang Blue Sky Machinery Co., Ltd.. The total area of ​​25,000 square meters, construction area of ​​32,000 square meters, with various types of precision machining equipment, sheet metal processing equipment, measuring and testing equipment and assembly lines, electronic production line of 235 pieces (sets), the formation of the annual production of tanker The dispenser of more than 20,000 units, various types of tankers, filling machine production capacity of 100,000 sets of parts, components and long-term international and domestic tanker manufacturers provide supporting services, machine sales and service provided to the gas station. The company manufacturing the best products, the most favorable price to the user "business philosophy, relying on technological innovation, the priority to quality management ideas continue to grow and develop, has become China's tanker production parts, the model is the most homogeneous varieties the largest service support for the strongest industry, the international reputation of the highest large-scale oil equipment manufacturing companies. Blue peaks company as the American PEI oil equipment annual meeting of the organization members and the Committee of refueling equipment unit, adhere to the services to go in China, singing in the world's strategic road to quality above all else, service is better than all, the technology to overcome all price "as the basic principles of factory legislation, efforts to achieve the goal to create a well-known brands of the world's oil equipment.The company is located in Wenzhou high-tech park, beautiful internal environment, the factory according to the EU to send garden-style architectural design was built, green area of ​​more than 30% of production and living environment is very comfortable. In 2000 in product quality, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification, always adhere to the strict process standards and standardized quality management system, excellent skills and a comfortable and secure production environment to ensure product quality; in technological innovation, the company has been by virtue of technological innovation to maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises, with a group specializing in the tanker and its accessories R & D technology development team to ensure that the company always had a steady stream of high technological content of products to the market for the upgrading of products provide a strong technical support; to open up the market, the company is committed to developing the international market, in particular, to strengthen the business dealings of some of the market potential of the larger developing countries, the annual Canton Fair, China Fair, Yiwu Fair and species outside the exhibition are ultimately the figure of the blue peak. Sales service, the blue peak is always Bing Chengrui Italian progressive principle of customer-focused services, 2010 annual sales had exceeded one million, ten consecutive years maintained a rapid growth across the country have the blue peak dealers and service points. the most perfect after-sales service to attract customers; in human resources management, the personnel of the blue peak as the first resource of college education for more than 50%, the implementation of the management methods of humane care for the interests of employees, concerned about the staff of life to improve employee performance, and strive to enable employees to grow in the development of enterprises, enterprises in the growth of staff development.After long-term efforts, the blue peak products by domestic and foreign customers welcome. Access to domestic certification authority of the measurement and after the explosion-proof certification, the company's products have all received ATEX European standards for explosion proof certified to OIML International Organization of Legal Metrology measurement certification, measurement of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries and explosion-proof certification. Some of the important parts of the United States UL certification. Advanced international standards, with a new starting point for docking to do world-class tanker filling machine is always the goal pursued by the blue peak.Our products are mainly export-oriented, export share of more than 80% of the total sales. The products have been exported to countries France, Mexico, Russia, the Republic of Yemen, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Brazil, South Korea, the Philippines, Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Iran, Saudi Arabia Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, more than 50 countries. Has achieved the export tanker, and the dispenser ten thousand units, the export tanker, filling machine parts more than 50,000 sets of the gratifying results of China in the international petroleum equipment industry's most influential tanker filling machine manufacturing enterprises .Blue peaks company welcome to join parties with lofty ideals, and sincerely look forward to cooperation with countries around the world customers, to the best equipment, the most favorable price, the most attentive service, customer satisfaction.

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