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Beijing geir force energy science and technology development Co., LTD

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    plate heat exchanger

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    Beijing dongzhimen street outside YongJingTai no. 2


Beijing geir force energy science and technology development Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Greenleading), founded in 1998, is the present domestic large specializes in thermal project industrialization development, development, production and sales of professional companies.

Greenleading after five years of accumulation, the company has introduced in the German GEA board change, SONDEX board in Denmark, Finland KOLMEKS water pump, valve HOGFORS Finland, Denmark DDH cold, heat, electricity, gas (such as the international famous brand for units of the products. Greenleading in sales of excellent brand products, the use of their own advantages network in the country, has established a sino-german joint venture, Harbin FLEX board change unit holding company, Beijing FLEX board change unit holding company, a wholly owned Greenleading Harbin production base, etc.

Main products: board change, heat, water pump, valve, unit for joint unit; Investment advisory services (energy field-cogeneration); Project proposal for; Feasibility report for; Financial analysis report for; The heat source, piping design and investment; Foreign government loans project planning and agent sales; Operation management analysis reports.

Areas of application: energy heating, cogeneration, power plant, air conditioner, ice water, chemical petrochemical, inorganic chemical industry, light industry medicine, paper making, sugar, edible oil, milk and beverage, metallurgy, steel, aluminum, copper and so on.

Fred Banks heat energy technology development Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as FLEX) is Greenleading and German GEA industrial group established in China's joint venture enterprise, is to provide professional power system plate cold oil pot, cold oil closed circulating water cooler, units, the central cooler and other products company, at the same time is also engaged in the power system equipment introduction and related projects.

Greenleading is A Danish DDH Contractor A/S company (hereinafter referred to as DDHC company) China office DDHC company is A Danish Det Danske Hedeeslskab (DDH) group is A wholly owned subsidiary of. DDHC company is engaged in the energy and the environment of the turn-key project and operation of the project company DDHC set 20 years professional experience in: the event/cool co-generation; Sewage treatment; District heating; The biomass energy factories; Industrial process control system (SCADA) in addition Greenleading or Finland HOGFROS valve (unit heat exchanger with the valve) and Finland KOLMEKS pump China office HOGFORS "blue line" valve products in heating and energy field especially in regional heating system in many applications. HOGFORS "the blue line" products including control valve, used to shut off with the shutoff valve and filter. HOGFORS "the cash register line" valve products is in accord with the various requirements of the processing of the plane design. Our "cash register line" products group includes both for require special control application and design V type ball valve, including for security shutoff actual ball and butterfly valve type. "The cash register line" products of the body and closed the use of materials is acid steel, so the product series can be more widely used for various processing industry of the object. Seal choose to have soft seal and according to the special requirements of metal seal.

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