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Beijing Sanki Petroleum Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Three profit Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as surplus) as a major manufacturer of China's refined oil retail equipment, specializing in R & D of "surplus" Fuel Dispensers, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service.    Three surplus tanker is one of the earliest computer tanker brand, more than 10 years of history. In October 2005, the Chinese oil equipment industry, an outstanding technical and management team took over the "surplus" brand, and moved to Beijing, Beijing three surplus, marks the birth of the "surplus". Overall technical strength and management level of the "surplus" brand to enhance the "surplus" tanker to a new design, excellent quality, perfect service refueling equipment industry in China to rise again. Beijing Ying has a wide area of ​​expertise, innovation and strong technical team, with more than ten the tanker patents and proprietary technology; with nearly 100 professional and technical personnel, professional IC card covers the tanker involved, mechanical more technical fields of electronics, automation and control, multimedia, information technology, comprehensive technology system, strong technical ability to continuously innovate, the company has a number of proprietary technology and complete independent intellectual property rights. "Surplus" tanker's first IC card integrated motherboard, fuel card for the petrochemical project in data security products and technologies to ensure that the "surplus" tanker-configured high-precision flow meter and other Chinese tanker core technology elevated to the international advanced level.Three surplus in Beijing has a complete modern manufacturing system, complete and scientific quality control system in the development and design, material purchase, production process control, machine factory inspection, the product after-sales service all aspects of running in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management standard. Beijing surplus manufacturing system is an advanced and efficient in the same industry, with flexible assembly lines, advanced CNC machining equipment and advanced components and testing equipment and complete product laboratories.The Beijing SANYING establish and improve product sales and service network throughout the country, licensed service providers in the country with hundreds of product vendors and products. Comprehensive network of services to ensure the timeliness of the services of the "surplus" tanker, unified technical standards and codes of conduct to ensure the consistency of the "surplus" refueling service quality.  Beijing surplus production of "surplus" tanker, six series and 100 models. Cabinet machine from vehicle refueling, minicomputers, midrange, mainframe; to the submersible pump from the built-pump refueling tanker; refueling vapor recovery refueling to multimedia from the Fiscal tanker to the IC card refueling small traffic motorcycle tanker ships dedicated to the large flow train diesel tanker, the tanker of "surplus" to meet the full demand for China's refined oil retail industry refueling equipment. The tanker of the "surplus" for three consecutive years nominated in the petrochemical, oil bidding, and in the petrochemical, oil markets have held up quite well, the formation of bulk purchases in a number of provincial companies. National two mainstream customers gave high recognition of product quality and after-sales service of the "surplus" tanker. Tanker of "surplus" in the international market has also made remarkable achievements, in 2008 exported more than two thousand tanker and get the "OIML International Organization of Legal Metrology measuring instruments type certificate of the product quantities to Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation markets.Beijing three surplus as Sinopec and PetroChina refueling equipment procurement shortlisted companies, China Metrology Association member enterprises, the world's oil equipment organization (PEI) member companies, committed to seeking and Sinopec, in the oil to establish lasting relationships, as China Petrochemical, China Petroleum and the most outstanding refueling equipment suppliers, and the efforts of three surplus "into a well-known brand with the industry influence in the international market will become the" filling station equipment specialist firms.

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