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China railway materials group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the China railway materials group) is the world 500 strong enterprises-China railway construction corporation (hereinafter referred to as the China railway construction). Its predecessor is TieDaoBing general logistics department of the Chinese people's liberation army, with 1984 TieDaoBing collective work to merge into mor, 1990 to become China railway construction corporation WuZiJu, March 2003 to establish a modern enterprise system, and name for China railway materials group Co., LTD. China railway materials group is headquartered in Beijing, governs the northeast, east China, central China, northwest, southwest China, north China, south China and Hong Kong and Macao international more than 17 wholly owned subsidiaries, 3 holding subsidiaries and three shareholding subsidiary; In anshan, baotou, panzhihua, wuhan, xuzhou, nanchang, guiyang, and has more than 50 branches; Has China railway construction in the national 25 transportation hub in the city and large storage base, 1.33 million square meters of the logistics, and more than 40000 YanChangMi railway private sidings and oil storage capacity of 32550 cubic meters of logistics network based on the strong; Is the authorized railway construction projects department tube material agency and railway construction bidding agent with rail service provider, is approved by the national development and reform commission of the special oil supply unit; The main railway transportation, building the rail and accessories, oil, eed, large-scale infrastructure needed for the project steel, cement and related materials trade, logistics, material engineering warehousing, distribution and other business.

China railway materials group has a glorious history. In the war of liberation, closing period to build "the dozen don't lousy, Fried continuous steel transit" made a prominent contribution. Have participate in the ChengKun, XiangYu, YingSha, daqin, treasure of houma-yueshan, lanzhou-xinjiang railway, and gathering, jingjiu, basis, xikang, outstanding, chongqing conceived, neijiang-kunming railway, the beijing-shanghai high iron, northern guest specialized, wuhan-guangzhou guest specialized, Beijing metro national key project of material supply task; Directly or indirectly involved in the construction of the new railway construction of more than 50000 kilometers cumulative total mileage, accounting for the new railway construction 1/2 of the strong, for the development of the cause of China's railway to make positive contribution; Positive for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the world expo 2010 Shanghai, guangzhou Asian games in 2010 supporting project to provide material support;
2003 years since the reform, China railway materials group from "trade + logistics" to "trade, logistics, international, processing, resources, capital operation" six plate coordinated development, started a suitable for own actual scientific development road. Deepening and sinopec, in building, anshan, wuhan, baotou, pangang, shougang, hebei steel and other large domestic resources of manufacturer of a strategic cooperation, consolidate resources advantages; And the German fox ronaldo, the oil, the ocean, nanling industrial enterprises such as joint venture cooperation, gradually to industrial chain upstream and downstream extensions, effectively improve the enterprise in resources, processing and other areas of influence, continuous innovation service mode, and constantly promote innovation service mode, and constantly improve the core competence, the enterprise enters continuous, healthy and rapid development and in the new period. Has won the "central enterprise advanced collective," "workers pioneer", the "engine trophy", "the Beijing harmonious labor relations unit", "national creditable enterprise", "China the good faith management example enterprise", "the satisfaction of users of the enterprise", "national AAAAA comprehensive service level logistics enterprise", "the Beijing national and local tax level A tax enterprise", "bank of AAA credit enterprise", "the first one of the logistics AAA grade credit enterprise", "the China railway construction production management advanced unit" honorary title; As China federation of logistics &purchasing, China railway materials circulation association, China building materials circulation association and China construction association, vice President of section of the material level units; In 2010 the country's most competitive logistics enterprises ranked in the top 50, ranked seventh. At present, China railway materials group has developed into China's railway material supply areas of one of the leading enterprise, is the world's largest logistics provider and the national railway engineering the second largest railway material suppliers, is the most powerful global logistics system engineering services and railway material integrated supplier to move forward.

China railway materials group unswervingly adhere to the "people-oriented, developing together with you" enterprise idea, willing to cooperate with friends from all circles, in order to promote the development of the industry, industrial optimization, the social harmony make more contribution! Write better!

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