UGBEST is part of the ZHONGNENG industry group and manufactures E-Scooter with EZNEN for OEM (Own Brand) and UGBEST Brand.

Being part of the ZHONGNENG Industry Group  ensures the scooter quality and systems are integrated into the UGBEST part of the factory. The group founded in 1987  owns ZNEN motor and FOSTI motor. With a rich history in Gasoline scooters and a solid reputation as a quality and value for money manufacturer

UGBEST manufacturing strategy is to create the best and most eco-friendly green travel in co-operation with customers from all over the world.  With some of the Patent designs from Zhongeng Group and the integration of UGBEST innovations in Electric scooter technology from our UGBEST R&D department we believe EZNEN and UGBEST electric scooters will be successful into the future. 

UGBEST develop electric vehicles that are easy to assemble, easy to maintain, easy to repair. UGBEST also strive to meet customers’ needs to offer highest quality service. With our professional cable factory, frame factory, painting factory and first-class production workshop.

Core Value:    UGBEST has a focus on green, energy-saving, low-carbon to achieve energy saving during the production. UGBEST’s highly coordinated network of ” Sales-Technology-Production” can manage not only the complex processes of production, but also to respond quickly to the need for exclusive models.

In addition to the development and optimization of its own team, UGBEST welcomes high-tech companies, and university science laboratories and related technical fields to join co-operate with us as proved by the exciting development of complementing co-operation agreements with companies in Italy, the home of scooters.