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    4Fl., Building 9, Jiu-Xiang-Ling Industrial Park, Xi-Li, Shenzhen,China


Shenzhen Solartech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd is the world's leading solution provider of solar water conservancy system, as well as the professional manufacturer of solar pumping system, solar sea water desalination system, solar water-saving irrigation system, solar pump, solar pumping inverter and solar on-grid inverter. System products are widely used in solar agriculture and forestry irrigation, solar desert control, solar pasture animal husbandry, solar living water supply, solar sea water desalinization, solar city waterscape etc. in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Solartech has engaged in the researches of solar water conservancy application solutions for years. Solarterch research center is located in TsinghuaUniversityShenzhenGraduateSchool. The world-class technical team is comprised of academicians of ChineseAcademy of Sciences, doctorates, and experts. The research center includes a national key laboratory of power system and tiptop research equipment for solar power generation system. In 2004, the world's first solar pumping system demonstration base was built in TsinghuaUniversityShenzhenGraduateSchool. In 2006, PV on grid power generation center for applied research was established. Through decades of study and data collection of system operation, with the experience of participating more than 200 projects in over 60 countries, Solartech solar pumping systems have been successfully applied to agriculture and forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, living water supply, sea water desalinization, city waterscape and so on. The patented MPPT(maximum power point tracking) algorithm and anti-islanding detection method of Solartech products are on the frontier of global solar applied technologies.

Solartech solar pumping technology is a world original technology which utilizes solar energy into water conservancy system applications. Solartech solar pumping system adopts self-developed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm, with fast response and good stability, automatic operation and 98% conversion efficiency, the system obtained the “Scientific and Technology Transformation Achievement” in the 10th China High-Tech Fair. Solartech solar pumping system creates the green concept that storing water is more efficient that storing electricity, no need grid power and energy storing devices, it drives the pump directly with high reliability and long lifespan, at the mean time, the system construction and maintenance costs could be dramatically reduced.

Solartech commits to meet the human demand for green energy, providing omni-directional renewable solutions and products to global customers has become our responsibility. In the past, Solartech has built numbers of successful projects, such as the world's 1st solar pumping desert highway shelterbelt irrigation system in Xinjiang, the world's 1st solar sea water desalination system on a Xisha island for China Navy, the world's 1st solar multi-pump system in Shenzhen, the world's 1st solar pumping drip irrigation system for desert ecological agriculture in Shaanxi, the West Asia's 1st large-scale solar pumping irrigation system in Pakistan, the Uganda's 1st big power solar pumping system for agricultural irrigation and drinking water supply, and the Mid East's 1st solar farm irrigation system in Dubai.

Solartech History:
2001: The first solar pumping system was constructed for drip irrigation of desert highway shelterbelt, till now the system has been fully operating for more than 12 years;
2004: Solar pumping research base was built in Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School, global application researches on solar pumping technologies are performed here;
2006: Solar pumping applied technology started global spreading, Solartech became the world’s first manufacturer of whole series solar pumping inverters;

2008: Solartech solar pumping systems were widely applied in agriculture irrigation, desert control and pasture animal husbandry. Solartech was honored the prestigious title "National Innovative Enterprise";
2010: The first solar seawater desalination system operated successfully in one Xisha island. Solartech solar pumping systems have been applied in over 100 countries around the world;
2011: Solartech solar pumping products entered Chinese Key Promotion Guidance Catalogue of Advanced Water Conservancy Technologies. Solar pumping inverters obtained industrial authority CQC Solar Certification.
2012: Solartech Solar pumping pumping system was hornored the top 10 highlights golden award in SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2012.

2013: Solartech solar pumping system applied in China Ministry of Commerce’s aid programme in Africa, solar water conservancy technicians became representatives of Shenzhen to support the agriculture and animal husbandry of Xinjiang.

2014: Solartech solar pumping technolgy has been applied globally, awarded United Nations “Global Human Settlements Model of Green Technology”.

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