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  • Main Products:

    AGM VRLA battery; lead acid battery

  • Location:

    Economic Development Zone, Suixi Town, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, China

  • Official Website

Anhui Leoch power supply Corp. was founded in 2010, specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of the globally renowned LEOCH brand reserve power batteries, SLI batteries and motive power batteries with flooded, AGM VRLA, flat plate gel VRLA, tubular gel VRLA and [TPPL VRLA] technologies. After years of innovation, LEOCH has become a leading manufacturer and developer of lead-acid batteries in China. LEOCH has annual installed production capacity of approximately 5 .0 million KVAh. With a highly qualified R&D team and unparalleled quality manufacturing standards, LEOCH continues to maintain its competitive edge in the industry. LEOCH has the sales offices and warehouses in the United States, the Europe as well as distributors in 14 other countries, with more than 30 domestic and overseas sales offices. Its worldwide sales network in more than 100 countries and regions, and have a good cooperation partnership with several excellent operators. LEOCH Battery Co., In producing, Leoch continues to blaze new trails, and strive to forge ahead . In quality control, Leoch establishes its specialized quality control center and passed ISO9001, the TS16949 quality system authentication, ISO14001, and the OHSAS180001 authentication successfully. Leoch product is also evaluated by the National Quality Administration as the "Exemption Product". To enhance the international competitiveness of the product, Leoch also applys the advanced management to its factories. Leoch is among the first enterprises of China to pass the British IEC product authen.

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