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Company Profile Introduction

The predecessor of Shanghai Tiantan International Trading Co., Ltd. is Shanghai Tea Import & Export Co., which had a fifty-year history of dealing with tea. Shanghai Tiantan mainly specializes in handling green tea, black tea, congou and scented tea. We also deal with cocoa and cocoa products, beverages, food, native products, light industrial products, textiles products, garments, hardware, building materials etc. We are engaged in import and export, acting as import and export agents, domestic trade, processing raw materials on clients' demands, assembling parts for the clients, processing according to the clients' samples, compensation trade, counter trade, entrepot trade, trading consultancy service and industrial investment. Over the past several decades, we have built up a strong workforce of technological, marketing and managerial professionals. We have developed a full-fledged system of tea assortment technology. We have registered several trademarks including "Temple of Heaven", "Wannianqing", "Dragon", "Qimen" and "Palace". The tea bearing these brands is made of superior raw tea produced in different tea areas in China. The ideal proportion and good raw materials make the color, flavor, taste and shape of the tea cater better to the needs of the consumers. Besides, the company adopts a scientific and thorough quality control system in the whole process from procurement of raw materials, tea assortment to processing, which leads to steady quality and unique style of our tea. World-renowned, these brands have become the symbol of quality and value. We have offices in Morocco, Algeria, Cote D'Ivoire, Kazakhstan and the USA and a world-wide client information network. For this reason, we can keep track of the market trends and remain a leader in the intense competition. We have our own factories, which produce and process green tea, black tea, teabags, congou, and special tea. We also have specialized tea warehouses. We are looking forward to cooperating with domestic and foreign businessmen. We will provide first-class heart-felt service. We aim to develop hand in hand with you, following our principles of "teamwork spirit, innovation, efficienc

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