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Zhejiang Shindai Group Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Apparel & Accessories,Clothing, knitwear and textiles, animal products, shoes, hats, food, hardware, electronics, chemical raw materials, petrochemical and gas equipment

  • Location:

    1888 Jianghuird, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Zhejiang Shindai Group is composed by the parent company, Zhejiang Shindai Group Co., Ltd. And its 19 subsidiaries. The parent company is reformed from the original Zhejiang Animal By-products I/E Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1981.

Since 20 years ago, with the reform in depth and innovation in management system, the group has witnessed a rapid development, which is especially reflected in the enlarging import & export business & yearly increasing turnover in foreign currency. Since 1992, our group has been honored one of the top 500 largest I/E companies in China, with its annual income of import and export reaching $ 428.35 million in 2007.

Our group deals in hundreds of items in more than 20 categories, including all kinds of textile products, which are its main items, and other supplementary ones such as food, shoes, carpets, hardware, machinery, electric appliances, and fireworks. Our main target customers are covered in such countries and regions as U. S. A., European Union, Japan, Africa and Southeast Asia, and we further have established and kept business relations with more than 100 countries and regions.

In recent years, under new circumstances after China 's entry into WTO, to keep pace with the rapid development of the foreign trade, our group is continuously seeking for new ways for sustainable development. Years ago, it has known to grow into a trade-oriented and manufacture-based comprehensive corporation, which integrates industry with trade, internal trade with foreign trade. And now it even involves itself in such fields as real estate, finance investment, etc. Our group totally owns more than 60 related subordinates, among which, 19 belongs to immediate subsidiaries, while the other more than 40 ones are sub-subsidiaries, including more than 20 factories which are directly engaged in the manufacture of woollen, down, knitting, woven and fur products. Under circumstances of industry informationization, trade liberalization and economic globalization in an international wide, Zhejiang Shindai Group will keep working hard to step towards an internationalized, comprehensive, large group.

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