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  • Main Products:

    Fanner (Household and Industrial Appliance),Kitchen Electrical Appliance

  • Location:

    NO.318 DongHuan RD., Taizhou, Zhejiang, China.

  • Official Website

Taizhou Yunfeng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou Economic Development Zone East Road No. 318 (and City Road), covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, the company was listed as Taizhou "hundred private enterprises", "128 works Taizhou standards enterprises. " 08 as annual "Jiaojiang District Gongxun advantage of the growth of enterprise", and "per-mu yield corporate hero award" has been rated as the provincial level in Zhejiang Province Furniture Association of excellent enterprises. Produced electric kettle, induction cooker products Room countries members of the working group drafting the standard units, both: "household and similar electrical appliances safety of liquid and the special requirements of the heater." Our main products are: plastic finishing box series, plastic products category, hollow, plastic injection molding furniture, leisure furniture, children furniture, children's slide series, sports and swimming pool diving platform (Blow Molding); PVC and Blow Molding barrier; plastic foam floor tile (for stadiums, outdoor courtyard, paved roads Square), as well as the electric kettle, induction cooker, hair dryer, electric steamer, electric cooker, electric fans and other types of small electrical appliances product line.
Electric Kettle Small Appliances products in China more than a well-known brand companies potential OEM manufacturing for many years; sold abroad, especially in Europe, the history of the past 10 years. Early January 2009 the Company in Hangzhou Lianhua Supermarket century full-year supply contract signed, in mid-February was the star of the year the Group entered into contracts for the supply of gifts and, more recently, with the largest group of Dalian reached a supply contract , LI-LO with the British company running the 2 years of the six models of plastic hollow molding furniture products through the factory acceptance testing is now under the Division I Chanyu; otherwise Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and other countries 10 more than large companies and our many years of good cooperation. June 3, 2008 the U.S. company and his lifetime to five Division I talk to the hollow plastic molding furniture series (nearly 20 models) products in the market and future development prospects of further cooperation, the Division of China only allows two manufacture and sale of enterprises in the world of the Division applied for a patent in many countries of the hollow furniture series products (one is in Guangdong, allowing the company to use the patent Yunfeng in April 28, 2008 in Guangzhou held a grand signing ceremony ).
The company's small home appliance series products, other types of product certification at home and abroad a total of 138, 63 patents (including the new plastic Yunfeng Furniture Co., Ltd. 7), East Central Graphic trademark was named in 2007 "Zhejiang Province", the East Central trademarks, electric kettle products respectively Taizhou famous trademarks and brand names, and "patent model enterprises Jiaojiang district" and "patent model enterprises in Taizhou."

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