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    Audio Device,Video Device,Electronic Apparatus,Hardware and Tool,Electrical Wire and Electrical Cable,Flashlight and Battery,Lamps and Lanterns and Lighting Apparatus,Lighter

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    Tongjiang Road 77house Chen Business Plaza2 building10layer


Changzhou International Corporation Economic and Technical Cooperation Ltd. (Group), headquartered at the entrance of Yangliu Alley in Yanling Road West at the flourishing central business district in downtown Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a specialized general group company that has been granted by the State with both rights for conducting foreign trade and foreign economic cooperation business.

The company is emerging with a new visage before your eyes under the leadership of the board of directors. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Keeping Everything Up-to-date”, the whole staff is sparing no efforts to strive forward through innovations in a bid to achieve overall growth of foreign exchange earnings and economic returns in import and export business by further implementing the coupled strategy of promoting trade for and by economic cooperation.

The company has seven departments to cover foreign trade and economic cooperation business. The foreign trade section is mainly engaging in commercial, technology and raw material import and export business for various textiles, garments, light industry products, articles of daily use, handicrafts, local produces, electronic and chemical products as well as grain, oil and foodstuffs.

The three general administrative departments of general office, financial department and storage and transportation department, in addition to CAD design office, are mainly responsible for logistics and administration of the company.

Aiming at the goal of strengthening the awareness of performance, the company is continuously improving its internal management system in a practical way by upholding the principle of “Abiding by Contracts and Honoring Promises” and pursuing the company philosophy of “Quality First, Reputation Uppermost, Honorable Credibility and Excellent Service”. The whole operation process from receipt of order, order entry and manufacturing through to shipping consignment, delivery and settlement of exchange is controlled in every step by following the total quality management system. By effectively invigorating the dynamics of talent introduction and development, a large number of QC professionals who are competent in skill and management have strengthened the quality inspection team of the company. Relying fully on the accurate test data and technical capability at the base of product inspection, they work together with the technical staff in affiliated manufacturers to strictly implement all specifications required for production processes, so that the product quality is assured by 100%.

The company is actively seizing business prospects on the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit by making adequate use of various business opportunities and giving full play to its advantages in strong technical capability and intensive production facility. The operation cost of the company has been reduced subsequently.

In the effort of catering to market demands, the company is integrating the technical advantages in the company itself and the affiliated factories in all respects for continuous development of new products. Doing everything in terms of the interests of customers and giving customer requirements the first priority, we are working together to forge an optimal economic partnership of mutual trust for win-win situation between both parties of supply and purchase.

In the area of foreign economic cooperation, the company is mainly engaging in project contracting at home and abroad, dispatching engineering, production and service personnel in different fields, and undertaking economic and trade projects of the State. A training base for international labor service has been set up under the authorization of relevant departments of the State to train qualified personnel of international labor service with solid language and professional skills.

The company is presently affiliated with 5 specially designated manufacturers of textile fabrics, which mainly produce various khaki, denim, corduroy, cotton flannel, stretch fabric, etc.

In addition, there are 12 affiliated and specially designated garment factories, which mainly produce trousers for male and female, jackets, shirts and blouses, children’s wears of different kinds, etc.

Affiliated and specially designated are also 18 manufacturers of articles of daily use, which mainly produce various articles for personal adornment, personal

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