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    Electric Machine,Fanner (Household and Industrial Appliance),Household Heating Appliance

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Kunshan Yi Xin Motor Technology Limited formerly known as Hongxing iron works, by the current chairman Mr. Huang Bing was founded in 1956, with a four foot lathe and small drilling machine began operation in the early stage of plant, machinery parts processing. The following year start fan and motorcycle parts manufacturing, motor shell, such as rotation, locomotive fuel oil purifier, in 1959 began producing fan marketing the domestic market. The early years yield less than500, but due to the growth of market demand, improve the production technology and equipment and increasing to1971 annual output breakthrough10000 above, and began to export to Philippines, the Middle East, a small West Africa and other countries in1980, American UL certification. Since a large number of export to the United States, South Africa, fans in Argentina, Uruguay and other parts of the world, the annual output of more than 570000 taiwan.
The air purifier has become the company's main products, annual output of about500000 units, the main market for the United States, Japan and Europe, over the years for Taiwan air purifier manufacturers export ranked first.
In order to meet the need of world market competition, the company began in 1993in China, near Shanghai Kunshan City, the establishment of Kunshan Hong Xin Motor Company Limited, in 1994February to begin production. Kunshan factory has abundant human and vast space, motor production, from the casting, mechanic, axis grinding, coil manufacturing, motor group at once, has completed the consistent production scale. At present the company 's main motor production, have been transferred to the Kunshan plant. Kunshan factory has a plastic part molding factory and the finished product assembly line, with plenty of capacity of small household appliances product assembly.
In order to the company diversified development, the cause for constant rate2005screen independent Polytron Technologies Inc, the site in Tainan County of Yongkang city. As a professional factory screen, constant rate can be based on customer needs, provide a variety of household appliances, automotive filter filter, filter, industrial filter, medical products, and a variety of test equipment, to provide customers with complete services.

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