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    16th Floor, Gate 1, No.28, Xuanwumen West Avenue, Xuanwu District, Beijing , China

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China Railway Materials Import & Export Co.,Ltd.(CRMIE) is engaged in railway logistics business, tenders underdomestic oroverseas credit and international trade.With main operation modes of bidding,acting as agent, counseling as well as buying and selling,CRMIE's business scope covers track materials and rolling stocks as well as its spare parts;road-maintenance

machinery;equipment on railway electrification, communication and signal; machinery and electrical equipment and construction materials.



  CRMIE has a registered capital of RMB 50 million and has passed ISO9000 quality system certificate of 2000 edition.Inducted the modern business management mentality and model, assisted by up-to-date business environment and facilities,the company is leading a team formed by technical&management talents,which possesses advanced service idea,high-level professional knowledge and strong teamwork spirit.Under the profound background of China Railways and with the great support of CRMSC, CRMIE has set up a stable & friendly cooperation relationship with a lot of Chinese railway manufacturers and railway construction companies so as to gain the advantage on quality and price in domestic and world market.In overseas market, CRMIE takes aim at the market of labor intensive products in devleoped countries, such as track materials; whereas in developing countries,CRMIE supplies all railway products from locomotives&rolling stocks to track materials,giving more priority to technology intensive products than labor intensive goods and takes part in the competition of railway engineering from time to time.
Thanks to its stable and reliable quality as well as its price advantage,China's railway product boosts its competence in international market. This has built up a solid foundation for introducing China's railway products into the world market. CRMIE is eager for not only remarkable achievements,but also outstanding talented people; CRMIE also highly respects the team spirit on the basis of solidification;with the business philosophy of "leading in profession,winning through alignment", taking the advantage of technology,operation and talented staff, CRMIE aspires to act as a bridge for the exchange of domestic and foreign railway products.We will also stick to the service principle of being permanent friends of our customers and always cooperating with them sincerely,so as to gain their trust through our professional,efficient service.In a word, CRMIE will spare no effort to work with customers and partners hand in hand,aiming at the establishment and achievement of a rosy future for worldwide railway market.



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