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China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation ( CSIC ), established on 1st July1999, consisting of some of the enterprises and institutes of former China State Shipbuilding Corporation (old CSSC), is a very large state-owned enterprise, an entity with state authorization for investment and capital management, directly under the supervision of Chinese central government. CSIC is the largest group in China in the field of design, manufacture, and trade of military and civil ships, marine engineering and marine equipment. There are 48 industrial enterprises, 28 scientific & technological research institutes, 15 share holding companies in CSIC, spread in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, with a total number of employees of 170,000. Among its subsidiaries, CSIC has the world renowned Dalian Shipyard, Dalian New Shipyard, Bohai Shipyard, Wuchang Shipyard, Shanhaiguan Shipyard, China Ship Research & Development Academy, China Shipbuilding Trading Company Ltd., China National Shipbuilding Equipment & Material Corporation, China Offshore Industrial Corporation, etc. CSIC possesses the largest shipbuilding and ship repair bases, capable of undertaking research, design, manufacture and repair of various civil vessels up to the capacity of 300,000 DWT, marine engineering, surface and submersible combat vessels, naval supplementary boats, under water weapons and other related equipment. The hundreds of civil vessels, marine engineering projects and other machinery and electronics designed and built by CSIC have been exported to dozens of countries and regions. By utilizing shipbuilding and military technologies, CSIC has developed hundreds of electro-mechanic products which have been used in more than 20 domestic industries and fields such as aerospace, metallurgical, hydroelectricity, light industries, etc. The main business scope of CSIC includes: management of all the state owned assets of the corporation and its subsidiaries, domestic and overseas investment and financing, undertaking scientific research and production of military products, mainly of warships, design, production and repair of domestic and overseas civil vessels, marine equipment and other non-ship products, various forms of economic and technological co-operation, overseas turnkey project contracting, labour export, projects of production with foreign materials, engineering project contracting, engineering construction, building construction and installation, and other business authorized , required by the government and allowed by the law. CSIC advocates the spirit of "realistic, innovating, quality, trustworthiness", and adheres to the policy of "stand on the domestic, open to the world, based on ships with versatile businesses", utilizes the advantages of integral resources and large scale effect to provide first class products and services to all customers either domestic or of the world. Sponsors from any sectors are welcomed!

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