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Ningbo Wuhuan International Economic Trading Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Light Industry & Daily Use, Apparel & Accessories, Bags, Cases & Boxes, Office Supplies, Service, Construction & Decoration, Consumer Electronics, Textile

  • Location:

    5f, No. 2 Dadai Street, Jiangdong, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China


Ningbo Wuhuan Industry Co. Ltd is one of leading companies working on tailoring materials, garment accessories, and garment -manufacture industry relative products. We are mainly working on following products for years,

Part one, accessory and tailoring materials
1, laces in diff. Materials;
Elastic laces
Cotton laces;
Chemical lace
Organza laces
2, zippers
Nylon zippers;
Metal zippers;
Plastic zippers
Zipper chains and sliders
3, buttons with different uses and materials;
Shirt button, metal button, snap ring button, covered button, fashion button, rivert button, shell button, wooden button etc.
4, sewing needles and other tailoring parts like bobbin, scissors etc, sewing kit;
5, sewing threads and embroidery thread
100% polyester sewing thread, rayon embroidery thread, nylon thread, polyester textured filament yarn and high tenacity thread
6, Hook&loop(Velcro) in 3 quality degrees A(100% Nylon) B and C(60% nylon/40% polyester).
Normal tapes, and in special shapes, Auto-adhesive type. Color chart with 70 colors is available.
7, tagging pins and tagging guns
Standard tagging pins in material of nylon and polyester. All normal sizes. Transparent and colored ones.
8, ribbons
Satin ribbon, colors charts with colors more than 170.
Organza ribbon, in both nylon and polyester material.
Velvet ribbon, plain velvet and elastic velvet tapes;
Jacquad ribbon,
Christmas tapes,
Gold/silver EDGE ribbons
9, elastic tapes, in different width and knitting way.
Sizes range from 3mm to 6cm; Knitting tapes with crochet edges.
10, Tassels and Fringes in different patterns
11, Non-woven interling.
Non-woven Interlining fabric without glue for embroidery usage. Spec. From 25g to 120g/squaremeter, width: 5'' to 44'';
Non-woven Interlining fabric with glue in both finish status of soft and hard. Spec from 20g to 150/squaremeter. Width: 24'' to 90''

Part two, garment manufacturing industry relative products,
1, PP and PE bags for garment inner packing
PP bags plain.
PE bags with warning printing and flap/seal tape
2, Snap button tester and other testing tools, color matching tools;
3, Industry sewing machines.

Our main target buyers are foreign wholesellers of garment accessories and tailoring materials, and garment manufacturers. We have set up business relationship with clients from different countries during past years with following features,

1. Professional designs and advanced manufacturing craftsmanship;
2. A scientific orgnization for supplier system
3. A systematical management on order handling and shipment.

For further more information, please feel free to visit our product webiste and contact us. We are looking forward to being your business partner.

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Ningbo Wuhuan International Economic Trading Co., Ltd.