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Under the direct administration of the State Council,China-Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation is one of the biggest enterprises solely owned by the state.Within CASIC,four divisions have been established,including six large-scale academies,over 180 enterprises and institutions with nearly 100.000 employees in total,among which 40 percent are technicians and engineers of different specialties.   Taking missile weapon system as its foundation,CASIC also lays great emphasis on the development of information technology for military and civil purposes,satellite exploration and application,energy,environmental protection and equipment complex,etc.Over the past forty-six years,we have produced for the mation a large number of good performance missile weapon systems of different types,and greatly improved the defense force of our nation and the equipment of our army.The successful launch of "Aerospace Tsinghua 1"satellite marks the considerable progress that CASIC has made in the fields of mini satellite and solid launch vehicle.The various aerospace products of high performance are now indispensable components in Long March launch vehicles and manned space flight project.With the systems of "Golden Tax", "Golden Fringe" and "Golden Shield" as excellent embodiments,the aerospace high-tech is playing a vigorous role in acceleration the economic construction and improving people's living standard.   Facing the fierce competition and severe challenge of the 21st century,CASIC will stick to the guiding principle of "market oriented,aerospace based,innovation in science and technology,success in quality"and the development strategy of "engaging able people,establishing efficient mechanism,choosing elites for military production,expanding civil service,innovationg technology,diversifying provision".In the process of working for working for national defense modernization and economic development,we aim to turn CASIC into a large-scale enterprise group of international competitive power.

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