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    Power Generating Equipment,Equipment for Power Transmission and Substation,Electric Machine,Electrical Wire and Electrical Cable,Steam Turbine,Industrial Boiler,Electrotechnical Porcelain,Insulative Material,Other Electric Product

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Marching into the new century, Shandong Electric Power Corporation has passed a course of one hundred years. It is a century of ups and downs, and a century of great changes. SEPCO has pioneered through reform and has developed with innovation. At present, Shandong's electric power grid has developed into a grand and modernized power grid featured by high voltage, high parameter and high automation, with 600MW and 300 MW generating units as the main generating units, and with 500KV and 220KV transmission lines as the main transmission network. SEPCO has already developed into a modern enterprise group having electric power as its core business with integration of diversified businesses. In July 1998, SEPCO was the first one in China awarded by the State Power Corporation with the honor of "State-Class Power Company". Right now, the Corporation is striding towards the goal to become a world-class power company. The past development and present glory of SEPCO are the crystallization of the diligence and intelligence of all the workers and staff members. The achievements made are also due to the care and support of leaders at various levels and friends from all walks of life. We hereby extend our heartfelt thankfulness and highest regards to all of them. The new century conceives new hope. SEPCO will shoulder its responsibility through thick and thin. We will, as always, take study and innovation as the source of life, give full play to the corporate spirit of "pursuing outstanding performance, providing sincere service" and stick to the working concept of "doing better today than yesterday". We will carry forward the cause pioneered by our predecessors, forge ahead into the future, and advance with times in order to provide the best service to our customers in every possible way and make our due contributions to the economic development and social progress. "You can enjoy a grander sight, by climbing to a greater height." Taking our grand aim as building the Corporation into a world-class power company, we will adhere to the course we have chosen, make no hesitation and bravely forge ahead towards the goal.

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