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    Video Device,Other Electronic Products,Automobile, Special-purpose Vehicle and Parts and Accessories,Bearing and Parts,Airplane and other Aircraft

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AIRCRAFT  Founded on 29, June, 1951, SAC is one of the back-bone enterprises in The AVIC(Aviation Industries of China), CorporationⅠ. In the past half century, ever since its founding, SAC has for several times come to the "FIRST" in successfully manufacturing, designing and development aero-space vehicles one after another, such as the first China-made jet fighter aircraft F-5, the first China-made jet trainer aircraft FT-1, the first China-made supersonic jet fighter aircraft F-6, the first China-made ground-to-air guided missile Red Flag No.1, the first China-made double Mach number jet fighter aircraft F-7, the first hi-altitude and hi-speed fighter aircraft F-8 wholly independently developed by the Chinese themselves in China, the first China-made supersonic fighter trainer aircraft FT-6, the first China-made hi-mid-low altitude reconnaissance aircraft FR-6, the first China-made hi-altitude and hi-speed with good maneuverability and all-weather fighter aircraft F-8Ⅱ, the first China-made in-flight fueling receiver jet fighter aircraft … in a word, the last 50 years have seen SAC building more than a dozen types of aircraft totaled in several thousand, making contribution of great importance to the built-up of China's national defense, for which, SAC is known as the "CRADLE OF CHINA'S FIGHTER AIRCRAFT".   The state policy of "reformation in the economy and opening up the door to the outside world" guiding SAC taking a great road of "Combining the Military Production with Civil Needs" and "Developing Marketing Places both at Home and Abroad". SAC has made great efforts to develop the non-aero-products by taking the advantage of aero-technology, resulted in more than 100 kinds of products falling in such 7 ranges as military aircraft, automobile, light metal structures, large and medium-sized machinery equipment, electro-machinery and commercial airplane parts and components, engaged with international cooperation with more than 20 foreign firms.   With the deepening of reformation in the national economy, the management in SAC is updated. Striving for a modernized enterprise, the corporate organization has been shaped into a merger consisting of such four entities as the military division, the non-aero-division, the commercial airplane R&D center and the tertiary industry division and since then SAC is awarded one after another glorious titles, such as "National-Wide Advanced Enterprise For Over-All Management On Quality", "Outstanding Contribution to the Management in Chinese Enterprises", "Nation-Wide Advanced Enterprise in Terms of Quality Efficient", "Nation-Wide Advanced Enterprise in Terms of Political and Ideological Work Among Employees", "Model For the Activities of Employees Home", etc..

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