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SKYRUN International Group is in the lead in the import and export of garments, textiles, light industrial products, machinery and electronic products, animal by-products, etc., in China, and has won a good reputation for its quality products and professional services in the world market. For many successive years, SKYRUN has been listed among China’s 500 biggest companies. In the year 2004, the total import and export volume of SKYRUN was in excess of USD1080 million.   SKYRUN owns 14 trading companies, one of which is a listed company, and 50 industrial enterprises, of which, shoes industry, textiles, animal by-products, toys, etc., have grown into fairly large scales. An integration of trade and industry has been formed, thus makes SKYRUN an internationalized enterprise in the real sense of its name. With its overseas enterprises widely distributed in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America, SKYRUN is striving to engage itself in the current integrated world economy in order to provide the global customers with more competitive products and services.   With the development of its main business, SKYRUN has actively set foot in new business areas such as real estate, education, tourism, agent business, etc., so as to make the maximum value of the company into full play.

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Website: http://www.skyrungrp.com





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