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Wuxi Doubleflying Light Tyre Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Apparel & Accessories, Chemicals

  • Location:

    258#, Wuxingjiayuan, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China


Wuxi doubleflying light tyre Co., Ltd. was founded in the 70s of last century. The company is the leading manufacturing, research and development, export-based integrated medium-sized enterprises. The company have rubber products, tires products division, tire mold division, room slippers manufacturing group, and import and export division.

Manufacturing group annual production capacity of 15 million sets of bicycle tires and tubes, and 500 million sets of motorcycle tires and tubes, and 50 million sets of sand tires, 10 million sets of special tires. Light tire professional at home and abroad supporting enterprises. Founded in 1974 by the national industry of China rubber industry, the "doubleflying" brand, will be consistency of independent innovation and introduction of technology, active implementation of brand strategy, quality training and development of independent brands.

Tire mold manufacturing division is mainly engaged in the tire mold development, development and production. Products are all-steel, semi-steel radial tire in two-mode active mode, (including steel, aluminum alloy die)bias tire mold, motorcycle tire mold, bicycle tire mold, bicycle tire mold and related rubber machinery. Annual production capacity of 200 sets of all-steel auto tire molds, 200 sets of semi-steel auto tire molds, 500 sets of bias tire mold, 1000 sets of bicycle tube and tire molds, motorcycle rube and tire molds and ATV molds.

Room-slippers manufacturing group mainly manufacturing knitted fabrics slippers and other products. Products, sophisticated technology, excellent quality, are exported to Japan, Taiwan, France, USA and other countries and regions. Annual production capacity of 80 million pairs, you can see sample orders, sample processing. The company has a professional team of product research and development.

Import and export division is mainly engaged in import and export products.

Nearly 40years in the development process, company consistent to the "quality first, service first" as the tireless efforts of the goal.

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Wuxi Doubleflying Light Tyre Co., Ltd.