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Automobile, Special-purpose Vehicle and Parts and Accessories,Motorcycle and Parts BASIC CONSTRUCTION The precisely extruded flat tubes and fins are brazed togather with the headers in one processing to form the refrigerant circuit. The insertion of the separate plates in the headers partitioned the circuit into section, hence maximizing the efficiency of heat exchange. ADVANTAGES HIGHER PERFORMANCE AND LIGHTER WEIGHT XIN TIAN SC condenser is substantially lighter because it incorporates the high-performance fins, The fixing of the header and the flat tube in this way enables the condensed fluid and gas refrigerant to remix in the headers. There by enhancing the efficiency of heat exchange. LESS PRESSURE DROP In XIN TIAN SC condenser, the refrigerant circuit passages are aligned in parallel lines. Thus, the pressure drop in our SC condenser is less than half of that in the serpentine condenser and the compressor load is reduced considerably. SMALLER VOLUME The tube capacity and refrigerant required for our SC condenser are 25% less than that for a serpentine condenser. Therefore, the refrigerant, the weight and the cost are reduced. LONGER DURABLITY Due to the new materials for the flat tubes and fins, and due to the corrosion proventive treatment, the condenser can not be corroded. The lasting strength is derived from the chemical films and coating applied to the component surfaces.

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Main Products Or Services: Automobile, Special-purpose Vehicle and Parts and Accessories,Motorcycle and Parts
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Website: http://www.chinaxintian.com





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