Zhejiang Dandy Kitchen Utensils Co., Ltd.

Main Products: Electrical & Electronics...

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Zhejiang Dandy Kitchen Utensils Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Electrical & Electronics

  • Location:

    No. 36, Jianshesan Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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German, Italian, Chinese economic rapid development of private enterprises in China, the beneficiary of the success of the innovation and development of practitioners.

Germany and Italy holding group Co., LTD. Was established in November 1992, headquarters is located in hangzhou xiaoshan district, is a cover hutch defends appliances, integral ambry, real estate development, investment, and other fields, annual revenue is over 3 billion yuan, total assets 2.5 billion yuan, more than 3000 employees in the large modern enterprise group.

20 years, Germany and Italy fit the pulse of The Times, and relying on the special innovation ability, and the difference of the high-end fashion by providing products and comprehensive sincere service, bring consumer cheerful life experience, thus win the continuous growth and all circles of the society recognized widely, realized the enterprise steady and rapid development.

The company has won the Chinese famous trademarks, China famous brand products, China's excellent private scientific and technological enterprise, countries ten brands, Chinese float subsequently ten most culture brand value, zhejiang province, a group of five key enterprise, zhejiang province famous shops and zhejiang province management innovation demonstration enterprise, zhejiang province patent demonstration enterprises, zhejiang province credit management demonstration enterprises, the top enterprises in hangzhou, hangzhou civilization unit and so on the title.

Create heart, excellent way. Germany and Italy will set climate, geographical and human in one of advantages, forge ahead, has to be a core value and competitive ability of the international first-class great companies.

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Zhejiang Dandy Kitchen Utensils Co., Ltd.