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KAWAI MOTOR INDUSTRY(GUANGZHOU)CO.,LTD is the same type enterprise with Luoyang Northern Enterprises Group, which is one of the China's top ten motorcycle Professional Groups, , "produce unique value, advanced technology, consumer satisfied motorcycle, and create sustained profit, harmonious development brand enterprises" is the goal that the company puts into practice. Under the guidance of the brand concept “Commodities high. Operational targets far ", the company's brand "Wanch motorcycle" is a typical representative of the brand, which has become one of the few that has both "classic characteristics of quality and innovation" in China's motorcycle industry!
"The Yellow River - Kawasaki HK250" was born in the 80's of the 20th century, which is a classic Wanch motorcycle model, "Chinese famous brand" is the title of the ultimate reward for HK250 in 1995; HK250 as a starting point, Wanch motorcycle leads the innovation trends in the domestic motorcycle industry by constant innovation ,and have developed several new products appearing on the market, which can be called classic. Wanch scooter, represented by "Ogawa son," won the reputation of "scooter Wanch" "selling point Wanch, " Wanch scooter becomes the motorcycle industry study benchmarking for a long period of time!
In 2002, with the relentless pursuit of higher quality for the motorcycle and the love of motorsport, " Wanch motorcycle racing team" was formally established. through a variety of motorcycle matches, Wanch motorcycle progressive applied the sports car techniques and technologies to Wanch motorcycle’s R & D and production. greatly enhanced the movement quality of wanch motorcycle,and improved the practical performance to a new height. Wanch "power car" "car decals" once again become the object that the industry follows, from then on, the concept "a good motorcycle is out of race” is spread from the north to the south of China.
In Wanch, Games are the exclusive " outside R & D center " of the brand, and all over the world’s indoor R & D center for Wanch motorcycle provide a more and rich powerful technical support, The patent technology Wanch-owned have kept far ahead in the domestic motorcycle industry, and the technical reservation are very impressive; At the same time, the co-operation between Wanch motorcycle and Japan BBPC company (BBPC Corporation CO, Ltd)  ensures better reservations in the aspects of new technology, new technical, new material! Based on powerful technology, technical and materials, Wanch motorcycle will continuously introduce new motorcycle boutiques to the market one by one.
At the same time that focus on product quality and R & D, and join the China's motorcycle racing career , the market building of Wanch motorcycle has made remarkable achievements, markets in domestic and international go ahead hand in hand, good news keep pouring in: On the domestic market, Wanch motorcycle in some regions has become the consumers number one choice to buy a motorcycle; on the international market, in some countries and regions of South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, Wanch motorcycle’s red flag are flying high,  especially it is worthing be proud of that the Wanch motorcycle has become one of the few international high-quality brand " made in China ".
" Sound travels far in high position, it is not with the autumn wind" it’s the concept " Commodities high. Operational targets far" that makes achievements of the glorious history of Wanch motorcycle, Wanch motorcycle will abide the concept" Commodities high. Operational targets far ", through products, operations, networks, services, and brand all these different dimensions to practice the essence of the concept, and create a new chapter in Wanch motorcycle by taking concrete actions! Only Commodities high, Operational targets far, Wanch motorcycle’s tomorrow is worth looking forward to!


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