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    Household Electrical Refrigerating Appliance,Household Sanitary Appliance and Fittings,

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Shanghai Zun Gui Electrical Appliance Ltd Co. is a enterprise conjoin the equipment and technics of former Shanghai Hitachi Shuanglu Electrical Appliance Ltd Co. and Shanghai Shuanglu Electrical Appliance Stock Company. It mainly produces household refrigerators, iceboxes ,show boxes and all kinds of icing appliances.Thereinto the commercial show boxes and converted boxes designed by ourselves are efficient in refrigeration, and characterized in low operation cost, favorable appearance and low cost of production. It's products are the leadership in China highly praised by costumers.   The company relies on employees in charge of the technical development,production arts and crafts and quality inspection of the origina spaceflight and "Shuanglu",according to the modern craftwork of the original "Shuanglu"refrigerator and "Hitachi" ice-box,at the same time continuously absorb the latest technic of refrigeration to strenthen the storage of technic.The excellent technicians of the original "Shuanglu",especially the specialist of techinc instructed by the technic training of SANYON, are welcomed to apply for a job.And new technic and new materials are continuously applied.Innovations are adopted to adapt to the ceaseless market needs,and to provide knight services to customers.The subsidiary mould factory own the modern equipments to process moulds and large-scale equipments,which can meet the needs of the development of new products as soon as possible and guarantee grasping the market.   Shanhai Zungui Electrical Appliance Co.Ltd. is an outstanding enterprise run by private citizen,which has compact and high efficient management and can grasp market trends in time,as well as flaxibly adjust management strategy.In terms of management, the company always insist on the idea of "change another position to think for the customers, serve the customers as they want" and the target of "reduce the prosecution risk of customers to the maximum".To think for customers thoroughly,to improve the working efficiency constantly,to reduce the cost of management,and to lower the cost of materials insure the advantages of product price in the market and return customers to the farthest.   Through carrying out and implement of many years,our friends spread all over the world.We also will change friends' trust into the energy of our later work, and constantly provide economy products to consumers,as well as hot-sellers to agencies.   Shanghai Zungui Electrical Appliance Co.Ltd. is going to continuously exploit and be enterprising in order to return the society with all wool and a yard wide services,and to work in and learn from others actively in order to initiate new ambit of electrical appliance selling!

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