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China's chemical industry Guilin engineering company located in Guilin scenery armor, is a set of design and research and development in a scientific and technological enterprises. The company formerly known as the rubber Branch of the Ministry of Chemical Industry Chemical Industry Design Institute was established in Beijing in 1956, moved to Guilin in 1969, changed its name to Guilin Rubber Industry Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. 1996, in order to meet the needs of the Design Institute of System Reform, officially changed its name to Guilin, China's chemical industry engineering companies, currently part of the SAC under the jurisdiction of China National Chemical Engineering Corporation.        The company has strong design and research and development capabilities, has been made in the Class A general contracting qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Construction, chemicals, construction and pharmaceutical Grade A engineering design qualification certificate, license Class A certificate of construction drawings and design documents, heat B level engineering qualification certificates; design B certificate issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration of environmental pollution prevention and control of special project; Pressure Piping Design Certificate issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine; urban planning in Category C qualification certificate issued by the Construction Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, engineering cost consulting unit level of qualification issued by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry Grade B certificate. In addition, the company also has chemical and construction of Class A engineering consulting qualification certificates issued by the State Planning Commission, pharmaceutical grade B engineering consulting qualification certificates. The company a subsidiary of Guilin edifices Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. Class A qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Construction supervision units.        The company existing staff 527 people, including professional and technical personnel 415 people, nine people including a professor-level senior, senior engineer 86 people, intermediate title 165, junior 155; areas including rubber processing, construction, medicine, environmental protection, urban planning, structure, general layout and transport, non-standard equipment design, supply and distribution, automatic control, heating ventilation and air conditioning, heating, industrial pipe, water supply, drainage, fire protection, construction costs, technical and economic, and equipment development.        To establish since the company completed a total of more than 600 domestic and international engineering, consulting, general contracting, supervision and other tasks involved in the chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, tobacco, and light industrial areas, as well as municipal utilities, environmental protection, fire protection, community planning, civil construction and other civil construction projects. Assumed most large tire plant engineering services, engineering design and project contracting services for large-scale construction projects of the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Korea and other famous companies in China. Completed more than 450 rubber processing equipment development tasks involved in rubber processing industry. Especially in the last decade, rubber machinery products business in cooperation with domestic universities and independent innovation on the basis of the rapid development of the main products (such as the production of composite extrusion machine) for the domestic first performance reached the international level of similar products, the main rubber machinery products are selected not only for the domestic large enterprises, some of these products successfully into the international market, the selection of some of the world famous tire company in China's factories and factories in Asia, Europe, South America, North America. More than 50 years, a total of 80 engineering design and equipment development project won the national department (province), municipal incentives; In 2001, the tire company undertook the design passenger tire plant project was issued by the Ministry of Construction Design The areas of highest honor - the gold medal of outstanding design projects.

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