Jiangxi Kwong Hing Technology Development Co., Ltd. is engaged in the State Press and Publication Administration and Ministry of Commerce approved the establishment of the laser digital storage (CD-R, DVD-R) to copy the business of foreign-funded enterprises, attached to the Macau Kwong Hing Group. Jiangxi Province, the largest recordable CD production base. In Jiangxi longnan Investment 260 million yuan to the introduction of the 20 CD-R, DVD-R can record the production line and its supporting 10-20 silk screen and offset printing production line production scale. Estimated annual production of high-quality CD-R, DVD-R products 118 800 000, and eventually reach an annual production capacity of 2.5-10 one hundred million CD-R, DVD-R's. The company is committed to long-term investment in the project, participate in a full range of market competition in the future, accumulate in the CD-R, DVD-R market business strategy, production management, quality management, corporate reputation enormously.     The Jiangxi Kwong Hing has a number of CD-ROM industry has a wealth of experience in senior technical personnel and management personnel, professional and technical personnel of the company-wide college education is more than 150, has a mature management experience and good corporate style.     The company headquarters is located in 105 National Highway Long the South jintang Development Zone, covers an area of 4500 square meters, has a factory, workshop, office, hall, dormitory and training center, staff restaurant, basketball court and other important facilities, communication networks are basically sound, green grass and pleasant environment. 3 km from the railway station from Jiangxi, set 1.5 kilometers of high-speed entrance, and convenient transportation. The company has been certified by the Pacific JAS-the ANZ ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, quality and environmental certification, the company towards international markets, shaping a good corporate image, improve company grade while also promoting staff position, to enhance the value and achieve. Office area and the shop closed-circuit television system has been Unicom. European and American markets customers online inspection company operations, the conclusion of a cooperation agreement.





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