China Railway predecessor was founded in March 1950 of the General Administration of PRC Ministry of Railway Engineering and Design Bureau, Ministry of Railways in 1958 into the basic construction of Administration, July 1, 1989, to form China Railway Engineering Corporation , since May 2003 under the management of SASAC, the central large backbone enterprises. In September 2007, the overall restructuring of China Railway Group Limited was founded in December of that year 3 and 7 respectively in Shanghai and Hong Kong-listed. 

China Railway business coverage survey design, construction and installation, industrial manufacturing, real estate development, mineral resources, financial investment and other fields, the total assets of 311.8 billion yuan, net assets of 66.36 billion yuan, is the world's second-largest construction contractor, For seven consecutive years to enter the world top 500 enterprises in 2010 ranked No. 137. At present, China Railway in the top 500 Chinese enterprises in nine, in the central business ranked No. 6. 





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