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Company Profile Introduction

--United Plastics Group Holdings Limited (referred to as: Liansu, Hong Kong listed company code: 2128), China's leading large-scale, home building materials industry groups, products and services include: pipeline products, sanitary ware, the whole kitchen, doors and windows, decorativeplates, fire-fighting equipment and materials of Health, 2011 sales exceeded 10 billion yuan.        At present, China Liansu has 28 holding subsidiaries, which have been built in mainland China and North America, Canada, to build and build the production base of 25, with service agencies, and sales network covering the whole country, the global radiation, timely and efficient provide customers with products and services.        The Liansu build the leading international and domestic first-class Research Institute, more than a thousand have all kinds of researchers with doctoral research station, CNAS national recognition Laboratory. At present, China Liansu has patent pending 1000. Scientific research has selected the National Torch Plan Project, the national key new products, scientific and technological achievements to promote the project of national construction industry and government green purchasing list; has been granted: the national high-tech enterprises, China Construction Technology advantage of independent innovation enterprises, intellectual property advantage honorary title of the enterprises, the Ministry of Construction industry demonstration base.        At this stage, the plastic has more than 70 series, more than 7000 kinds of products, is one of the domestic system is the most complete of the field of home building materials products manufacturer. The Liansu products are widely used in home decoration, civil construction, municipal water supply, drainage, electricity, communications, gas, fire and agriculture fields. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo, part of the construction of venues, Liansu are specified for the product supplier.        Standing at a new starting point, China Liansu to the operating principle of adhering to the "easy life" for home ownership to build brand beliefs, and always adhere to the "quality of life and technology as a leader, for the purpose of customer satisfaction", in order to improve and improve people's quality of life to make their own contribution.

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