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Driving Human Progress with Intelligent Products

Nowadays, technology is increasingly changing people’s lives and improving their living standards. EVOC, as a high-tech company, is providing high-quality central control device and technical support for various fields, such as transportation, industrial automation, energy, environmental protection, sports, medical care, electric power, banking, electronics, networking, telecommunications and instrumentation.


Company Roots

Founded in 1993, EVOC has already had 18 years of experience in the R&D, production and sales of embedded and industrial computing products. In 2003, EVOC Intelligent, one of EVOC’s subsidiaries was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 02308). Now the company has established close and long-standing relationships with a large number of global clients.


Company Strengths

EVOC products, as an embodiment of innovation in the industry, have provided over 10,000 users worldwide with high-quality custom products. EVOC boasts a largest R&D center for embedded technology, a largest R&D team and the biggest manufacturing base in the world. Cooperating with Intel, we have developed hundreds of embedded intelligent control products. Now EVOC is widely reputed for the high performance-cost ratio of its products, excellent after-sales services and technical support. EVOC products have become the first choice for a large number of users worldwide. According to CCID, EVOC Group is now ranked among top five in the world and emerging as one of the most competitive players in the embedded industry.


Global Scope

In 2008, EVOC established its international business department and started to explore overseas market. Today, EVOC is ready to share its embedded and industrial computing solutions as well as its sophisticated and reliable products with more partners in the international arena, and grow with them on the basis of mutual-benefits and win-win.