Ningbo Huacai Electric Appliance Co.Ltd is located in Ningbo China.Convenient traffic whith the crossing sea bridge of Hangzhou Bay.As one of the famous household appliance manufacturers,we are specialized in designing and producing all kinds of refrigerator,chest freezer and washing machine.With the annual products capacity-1,000,000pcs of refrigerator and 500,000pcs of washing machine.

With perfectly quality products and good after sale service,commendably control the quality of fittings & finished goods,We have been honoured as Super Quality Household Appliance of Zhejiang market and Approbatory products for consumers. We passed the ISO9001:2000 on quality manager system and all products got the CCC certificate and passed CE and ROHS.

With canonical management ,perfect service,high quality and professional design,Huacai's products are well popular with customers and markets.Aimed in entering international market,we have our products greatly exported abroad include in Spain,Russia,France,Germany,Mid east etc.

Adhere to the principle hard word,innovation,consistent quality and credibility,we would like to join in striving with you for the successful and aim higher.






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