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Hubei Yunsheng Quartz Products Co,.Ltd,  we are developing  the  import  


and export  trade  business after it is founded. We have cooperated 


factory in Lianyungang City, which is affluent in the silicon material. We 


 combines  the trade and industrial, manufacturing and selling to foreign 


countries every kinds of quartz products, such  the quartz tube and 


heating tube, far infrared heating tube, and so on.



Our  main  products are  following: OD: 1.5mm-360mm  clear quartz tube, 


milky white quartz tube,   uv quartz tube,   uv blocking quartz tube,     


Ozone free quartz tube, Decarboxylase  quartz glass  tube   (OH<15ppm),  


quartz sleeve, quartz rod, quartz disc/block,  quartz  glass  bulb shell, 


quartz crucible,  quartz  heating tube, halogen heating tube,  carbon 


fiber heating tube and etc.  We can design the quartz products according 


to the clients demand.   Transparent  quartz  tube   with   fused   


decarboxylase  is  one  of   the main  products of  our factory, the 


product of its excellent quality of  the  light  source  in  the  country  


 enjoy  a  high reputation in the field, is widely used in electronic 


products, metallurgy, chemicals, electric light and other industries.