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Enviroment and humancare technology
Famed Healthcare Appliance Co.,Limited is a high technology manufacturer and exporter of
healthcare waste disposal appliance and service since 2002. we can provide various of
products for healthcare waste ,sharp waste ,clinic waste segregation,containerization ,
waste storage, Transportation, treatment and final disposal
Prevention medical waste infections , Improving quality of life for medical personal
Our strategy is to develop innovative products that to meet the medical needs and are of real value to
society. our products provide real world solutions that improve the lives of medical practitioners by
eliminating unnececessary health risks from the work place. We supply the safety medical
products for preventing th medical waste infections a needle stick injuries as well as total solution for
the medical waste treatment.all of our products is produced for protection the healthcare workers
from exposed to needle stick injuries and the infection for the medical waste.
Good managements
Famed adopts the modern a scientific ISO9001 management system, and the several of pro-
duct for choice,Timely service effective tech- nology supporting, reasonable price and after
sale tracking, which makes customer's dream of “ One stop purchasing for medical waste
appliance come true.
Corporate Responsbility
At The Famed Heathcare Appliance Co., Limited, we are committed to sustain ability and thus to running our business in away that is ethical, responsible and create long term values. Sustain ability is an integral part of the way we do business.
Our products includes
Sharp container
Medical Waste bag
Specimen bags
Safety box
Medical waste bin
Needle Destroyer
Manual hub cutter
Medical Shredder
Medical waste incinerator