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 Dalian Weally hydraulic manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is a high-tech enterprise integrated R & D, design, manufacturing, sales of hydraulic, pneumatic, lubricating components and system, in 2002 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. In 2003 February, has the right to import and export products. The headquarters is located in the pleasant scenery of the coastal city of Dalian, Dalian, in Shenyang, Fuxin has a production base.

Dalian Weally hydraulic manufacturing Co. Ltd. products applied to various types of production equipment. Hydraulic pressure, gas company to provide dynamic, lubrication and mechatronics products with good repeatability, high accuracy, high reliability, the processors and equipment manufacturer approval, can meet the needs of the customers and large quantities of water production.

Enterprises adhere to the assembly direction of research and development, lead liaison with internal, spare no effort to build up their own R & D team and design team, the investment of more than Rmb 2 million and Liaoning Technical University, jointly established Liaoning Dalian Industrial and mining equipment engineering technology research center, using Weally enterprise in integration products machine, electric, hydraulic design and production capacity with Liaoning Technical University in industrial and mining equipment research and development ability, closely around the mines and efficient intensive production needs, the mine safety production needs, the mine major technology and equipment needs, energy saving and environmental protection requirements, focus on the research and development of coal mine safety in production of coal mining equipment and automation instrumentation and equipment.

In the information management, business investment about RMB 5000000  respectively with Kingdee, Wuhan Kaimu software company cooperation, common development for the enterprise software, has realized from the quotation, design, procurement, production, sales, finance, office management, after sale service and a series of ERP, PDM, CAPP and other information management.