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 Our company is engaged in producing mining equipment. We now have two production bases, the new production site and eastern production site, as well as five branches which are support equipment factory, belt conveyor factory I, belt conveyor factory II, armored face conveyor factory, and mining power equipment factory.

Our new production site is within the Xinwen Industrial Park. It belongs to the first stage project. It has been completed and put into use. The second stage project will be completed in June 2013. The first stage project covers an area of 100,000m2, 99389m2 of which are occupied by plants.

There are three production workshops. Workshop Number 1 is for roof support and belt conveyor production. The raw material preparation, processing, welding, assembly, and testing are all conducted in workshop Number 1. Workshop Number 2 is for the production of armored face conveyor, single hydraulic prop, metal roof beam, and long roof beam. The CNC flame cutting of steel plate as well as the CNC welding, CNC machining, IF heat treatment, assembly and commissioning of products is carried out in workshop Number 2. The two single hydraulic prop assembly lines can assemble 3,000 pieces of prop per day, making Xinmei the enterprise with the largest daily output of single hydraulic prop in the world. Workshop Number 3 is for the machining and assembly of multifunction valves. Our company is the first enterprise producing multifunction valve in China and we can produce more than one million multifunction valves a year.

The eastern production site occupies over 43,000m2 and 40093m2 of which is covered by plants. Before the construction of new production site, the eastern production site is for the manufacture of all products. Now, it becomes the production area for pump station and explosion proof devices.

Company Advantages

1. Product Advantage
Our company provides a full set of mining equipment. We integrate scientific research, production, sales, and service. Our main products include mechanized mining roof support, suspended roof support, single hydraulic prop, emulsion pump station, armored face conveyor, belt conveyor, and explosion proof electrical equipment.

2. Technical Advantage
We have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing mechanical equipment. We have set up two design departments, Beijing Research Institute as well as Taishan Design and Research Institute. We now have over 100 senior engineers, mining experts, and other professional technical personnel. So far, we have obtained 50 national patents and 1 international patent. Our ultralight roof support for mechanized mining as well as the eco-friendly single hydraulic prop and pump station which are generalized by the State Environmental Protection Administration fills domestic blank. In addition, our company is a scientific research cooperation unit of China University of Mining and we have a Coal Mine Special Support Engineering Technology Research Center in Shandong Province. We have established an academician workstation.

3. Service Advantage
We offer one-stop sales services. Before sales, we will send our mining experts and technical experts for on-site investigation. They will help customers choose appropriate products and provide equipment matching program. During sales, we will train operators for the customers freely. After the equipment arrives at the mine, our technicians will be sent for on-site installation guidance and commissioning. After the sales, the service conditions of the equipment will be followed by our relevant personnel.

4. Quality and Safety
Safety and performance are our first priority. Our products have passed Chinese mine safety M/A certification and our company has passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification. Meanwhile, all products have to go through tests before delivery. Some are even subjected to repeated safety tests until they fully reach or exceed national safety standards.

5. Price Advantage
With independent import and export rights, we can directly export our products, thus maximizing the benefit to customers. Through research and technology innovation, we try to reduce product costs in the premise of optimizing product quality, so our products are highly cost-effective.

6. Market Approval
We have set up one sales center, 20 plus sales offices, and one international business department. We have produced more than 40,000 hydraulic roof supports with the working resistance ranging from 1,200 to 16,800KN, the height from 0.7 to 6.5m, and the center distance from 1.0 to 2.0m. We are capable of producing 600 pieces of roof supports per month. Our products are put into use in 22 provinces in China and are exported to Vietnam and Ukraine. In 2009, our sales reached one billion yuan and it reached 1.5 billion yuan in 2012.

Adhering to the philosophy of safety first and customer first, we strive to tailor the highest quality, most efficient mining equipment for the customers.