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TLS Technologies Company have been concentrating on the field of video inspection since built, especially on borehole inspection camera. Borehole camera could be used for a lot of cases, such as, acceptance inspection for water well or oil well, routine check for drink water transmission pipeline, criminal investigation for suspectable area. For most of related requirements, we could offer complete solution and suitable device. We have wealth experience in dealing with waterproof, direction control, illumination and image transmission issues. Also we have find out all important factors for camera system in deep well, we have developed suitable meterials and fabrication processing technology for the all the components of the system, so as our borehole camera can work normally even if under hard condition environments. Whatever deep water well or oil well, whatever it is cool or hot, whatever it is limpid or muddy, our cameras can see the surrounding clearly. TLS Technologies Company have the ability to offer complete solutions for downhole camera, have the responsibility to ensure the quality of borehole camera, and have ideality to keep ahead in downhole inspection camera field by constantly innovating. We believe technologies change our life, let TLS make it better.