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Dezhou Yilun Conveying Machinery Co.,Ltd

  • Main Products:

    Conveyor roller, pulley ,belt ,frame, all the parts

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Dezhou YiLun Conveyer Machinery Limited Company which is old YiLun Conveyer Machinery Making Company was found in 1990. The company has been found 18 years . We are experience in producing conveyer, conveyor belt, touch roll and the other machinery products. We espanded production scale to satisfy the need of customer and found YiLun Conveyer Machinery Limited Company in May,2005.We are privated-owned incorporated company and have the right of self-management exporting. The capital of registing is 2,000,000 Yuan.The total volut of fixed asset is 5,180,000 Yuan. The annual production amount is above 10,000,000Yuan. We have two branch factorie and website of saling. We have good prestige in the domestic and foreign general customers. The new project which is Ningjin County vocational skill Training school founded in 2007 is to train industrial technology experts. We studied and registed succeedly many items of conveyer patents and enhached the brand of Yilun. We are the enterprise of ISO9001the authentication international quality control system and Shandong province manufacturing products quanlity trustworthly.  The company is on the North of west loop Ninjin Town Dezhou city which is economical developed. The transportation is very convinent. The area is 13888 square meters. We have three workshops and large-scale lathe,numerical control and so on. We have all the production equipment and twenty offices that the work facility is fully equipped. The warehouse is 3000 square meters that there are finished products all the year. There are 168 workers, 58 specialized technical person, 6 specialized project engineers. In order to enrich and improve the living conditions of the workers, we have dining room, the recreation area, bathroom, restroom and so on so that the workers can have a good mood to work.. We also increased the post-sale service vehicles and persons to arrive at the scene within 24 hours.

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Dezhou Yilun Conveying Machinery Co.,Ltd