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Ningbo TLC Electronic Industry Co., Ltd

  • Main Products:

    Organic Juicer,Vacuum Fresh Ware,Food Processor

  • Location:

    Zhangqi Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China.

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TLC Electronic Industry Co., Ltd , specializes in the industry of electric appliances business including production and solution providing, sourcing, research & development, logistic service, inspection/agent service.

Today, the need for new product innovation is in demand more than ever. An increasing number of importers are searching for unique product ideas that can create, expand or improve their business. To keep client competitiveness in the market, our research & development team maintain close and constant monitoring on the pulse of technological advances in materials, mechanisms, innovative patented product requirements and conceptual ideas, meantime, our dedicated staff travels the globe extensively, conducting market research and monitoring leading trends in home appliance to develop products for most discriminating buyer.

What inspires consumers to spend money in a slow economy? Frequently, It is a hot new attention-grabbing design that creates an emotional “Gotta have it!” response. Design has always been one of the most compelling reasons why consumers buy a product, but never more so than today.

The Company owned a subsidiary industrial design company so that we can
Introduce the latest trend about functionality, modernism, usability and acsthetics to your conceptual ideas products and invest moulding to develop them into commercialized products on the basis of mutual benefit.

In order to protect themselves against damage to their business and brand, both retailers and manufacturers need to assess the inherent risks in a product, particularly products intended for infants and children. But conformity assessment, product Listing, follow-up service-what does it all mean, why it is important, the whole certification process can be a bit daunting for importers and manufacturers. Our engineering manager who was engage in international certification body such as TUV, Intertek, Underwriters Laboratories for many years , has good experience and knowledge about appliance testing standards and directives and maintains good communication with the authoritative organization, providing the very highest and most knowledgeable support in the safety approval consultant so as to help importers enter world market smoothly .

Presently there are more than 20 technicians, and CNC machine,automatic lathe, electrical pulse machine, milling machine, and drilling machine; 30 sets of injection machine ranging from 100 grams to 6300 grams and among those there are 5 advanced imported injection machines.

Our Representative/ Service Provider partners are often located close to our customers providing the most important care and local contact to our customers worldwide. Since we also represent several Manufacturing Partners as their exclusive marketing company worldwide or in specific region or countries, our partners and service providers also assist us in marketing and providing the most important "After-Sales service".

Through a long term Win-win relationship with many factories and customers, we will try to adjust our direction or working ways promptly to be fit for the market demands and find out the weakness or disadvantage in the company and improve it to keep the company updated and competitive. It is important to have a faith that the power of sincerity overcomes difficulties at work to maintain the long-term cooperation with our partners. We aim to achieve mutual harmony between our customer or suppliers and us, also colleagues and all other business partners. Harmony among a team can avoid egoism, shirk responsibilities, inefficiencies.
All customers are welcome to visit us and found business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit.


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Ningbo TLC Electronic Industry Co., Ltd