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Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) owns the qualifications and teams for professional “design, procurement, manufacturing and sales” of high-end commercial display refrigerator, and the series commercial display refrigerators developed by it manifest the characteristics of “originality in products and individuation in services” and enjoy high reputation internationally; it leads the domestic peers. The Company customizes unique display refrigerators for the global famous manufacturers and distributors in beverages, wine and drugs and makes the refrigerator with three major functions including “the carrier of advertising, quality-guaranteeing refrigeration, and promotion display”, which cannot only fully show the brand and characteristics of commodities but also bring stronger visual impacts by virtue of the individualized appearance and function design, thus effectively attracting customers and achieving the amazing results in promotion.

I. Grinding sword in a decade, focusing on development
Founded in May 2001 and having already focused on the R&D and production of special commercial refrigerators over a decade, the Company has invested in the construction of the state-owned industrial land covering an area of nearly 14,000m2 and the workshop 15,000m2 in Longshan Industrial Park, Cixi City. Possessing the complete production line for modern commercial display refrigerators from the sheet metal, spraying, foaming, general assembly, test, and packaging, the Company has the annual designed production capacity of 500,000 machines, with the daily output of 100 medical case over 700L and 600 small display cases. The Company plans to invest in the expansion of the production line dedicated for medical refrigerators on the nearly 6,000-m2 factory land not established yet, and at that time, 200 medical refrigerators over 700L will be produced per day. To make exquisite products and improve the efficiency, the Company has been the first to lead the concept of exchanging people with robots, and purchased the advanced machine tools like numerical control bending and numerical control press in sheet metal, thus guaranteeing “fastness, accuracy, precision and excellence” in R&D and product manufacturing. Over ten years’ focus on marketing and services of special commercial refrigerators in the international market makes the Company get the fixed customer base in markets in Europe and America, Middle East, Russia, etc so far; also, its products are dominated by customization or joint investment and development, and the Company enjoys long-term and stable customer resources. Therefore, the Company has already won a place for itself in international commercial special refrigerators and possessed the strength of steering the industrial orientation.

II. Science & technology expanding the strength, innovation extending the market
Throughout over ten year’s development, the Company has always insisted on the road of scientific & technological innovation and constantly expanded its own strength. In terms of introduction of science & technology, the Company “signed an Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Agreement with the Graduate School of Ningbo University” in 2006 and “signed such an agreement with Shenyang Ligong University” again this year. The successful matchmaking with universities and colleges makes the Company timely master the most cutting-edge information about technological development in the industry, activate the talent cultivation mechanism, break through the barriers in the way of making technological breakthroughs, and seize the business opportunity for application of the latest materials. Recently, the Company has transferred the “Patent for High-strength Insulation Materials” to Shenyang Ligong University, so the implementation of the next transformation will definitely improve the heat-preservation efficiency of products. In product development, the Company conducts R&D with the focus on the international commercial special refrigerator market, and has laid the solid foundation up to now. At present, five series of products have been established. First, it’s the display case series, including the ultra-low temperature frozen display case, ice cream and chocolate frozen display case, carbonated beverage refrigerated display case, mineral water refrigerated display case and fresh milk refrigerated display case; second, it’s the wine cabinet series, including the simulated cellaring constant-temperature wine cabinet, and beer machine; third, it’s the wine chiller series, including the one-bottle built-in/multi-bottle inhead-type fast wine chiller and the supporting glass chiller; fourth, it’s the medical refrigerated cabinet, including multiple 29L-728L refrigerated cabinets for drugs and biologicals; fifth, it’s the car refrigerator series, including the portable DC compressor refrigerator and electronic boxes for hot and cold dual-use. For these five series, there are more than 60 products totally, all of which have passed the corresponding international and domestic certification like CE, GS, ROHS, ETL, SAA, KC and GSP, and smoothly entered into the international markets. The long-term innovation in science and technology not only expands the market but also effectively enhances the soft power in competition. Now, the Company has all passed the International Quality System Authentication of ISO9001: 2000, and obtained three patents for invention and over 80 patents for utility models and appearance. Multiple new products have passed the new product and technology authentication given by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Science & Technology and been incorporated into the Ningbo municipal new product trial program; the Company has become the Ningbo Patent Model Enterprise and Cixi Enterprise Making Progress in Science & Technology. “Ningbo Jingeao Technical Center for Electronic Refrigeration Engineering” built with the Company’s investment passed the authentication given by Cixi Engineering Technology Center in 2014.

III. Characteristics grabbing customers, services extending business
For a long time, the Company has insisted on the marketing strategy of “characteristics grabbing customers, and services extending business”, to provide different customers with individualized R&D, design and customization services. The series products have not only entered into the international market smoothly but also won the preference and cooperation by international famous brand manufacturers. Up to now, the Company has successfully received orders from Coca Cola, Evian, REDBULL, Nestle, Budweiser, Heineken, Corona, Jagermeister, and European & American medical companies, to customize counters and special machines for them, with the annual foreign exchange earnings of over US $ 7 million. While paying attention to export sales, in recent years, the Company has kept trying the development of the domestic market and manufactured a variety of simulated cellaring constant-temperature wine cabinets for the appointed domestic Castel wine. Last year, in allusion to the launch of Domestic Drugstore GSP Authentication Project, the Company developed the SC105, 448, 680, 728 series drug refrigerated cabinets, and due to the products, the Company has been recommended as the manufacturing enterprise for the “frozen and refrigerated medical cold chain” by member units of China Association of Warehouses and Storage, China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce, Ningbo Pharmaceutical Profession Association, and Ningbo Logistics Association Cold Chain Branch. While grabbing its customers by virtue of the characteristics, the Company has always stuck to the concept of services extending business and achieved the service aim of “sparing no pains to realize individualized services and striving to satisfy specialized demands”. Usually, the Business Department pays attention to the capture and analysis of market information, effectively controls the development orientation of the Engineering Technology Department, and in the meantime, achieves feeding each customer’s specialized demands back to the Engineering Technology Department the first time. In case of mold modification or specially designed parts, the Engineering Technology Department will assign the special personnel to follow implementation, and take charge of the whole process to the customization of the Contract Review Form, BOM List, and Operation Instruction and the operation guidance for production site by virtue of the “nanny-style services”, thus effectively guaranteeing the time schedule and product quality in product improvements and finally winning the trust and cooperation from customers.

IV. Young eagle spreading the wings, with dreams in the heart
Over ten-years’ great waves sweeping away sand will show you the ups and downs of the surrounding enterprises. Looking forward to the future, the Company is a “young eagle spreading the wings, with dreams in the heart”. In the next three-year planning, the Company will take creating “the national hi-tech enterprise as the goal”, master the creation opportunity of “Cixi Innovative Enterprise”, start with the authentication given by the Cixi Engineering Technology Center, and join hands with Shenyang Ligong University and Ningbo University to actively play the “industry-university-research institute collaboration advantages”, to strive to further improve the enterprise’s soft power in scientific & technological innovation and make itself remain invincible in the fierce market competition after three-years efforts.
After more than ten years’ ups and downs, the Company “has accumulated achievements in product innovation and gathered culture in enterprise innovation”. The Company carries forward the spirit of “industry rejuvenating the country and innovation strengthening the country”, firmly stands upon the operation concept of “pursuing the excellence for first gold medal, creating the uniqueness in personality, and carrying forward the striving spirit in the Olympics”, insists on the quality policy of “manufacturing competitive products, inheriting perfection, building brands, and leading the industry”, abides by the service commitment of “ that Jingeao is really good”, practices the enterprise vision of “developing the enterprise and paying back society”, and wins the extensive recognition from the international market. Now, Jingeao has turned itself into a “commercial special refrigerator manufacturer” distinct in products, powerful in R&D, enjoying shares in the market and recognized by customers. He who does not advance loses ground. Tomorrow, with dreams in the heart, Jingeao will, as always, focus on investment, R&D and expansion in food and medical special refrigerator projects and strive to successfully enter the ranks of national hi-tech enterprises, to make its due contributions to the development of social and economic affairs in Cixi.

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