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We Cixi Aiflon Samsung Sealing Mterials Co., Ltd is joint venture with AIFLON and Samsung (Korea), supplier of Garlock
Our main product:
(1)Gaskets: Spiral wound gasket, Double Jacketed gasket, Reinforced Graphite gasket, Metallic Flat gasket, Ring Joint gasket
(2)Packing: Made from Flexible graphite, Carbon fiber, Aramid, Nomex, PTFE, Ceramic fiber, Asbestos, etc.
(3)Gasket sheets: Expanded graphite sheet, Reinforced Graphite sheet, Non-asbestos gasket sheet, PTFE sheet, Industrial Rubber sheet (NR, CR, NBR, SBR, EPDM, Silicon, Viton)
(4)Raw Materials: Packing Materials and Gasket Materials:
(5)Tools & Machines: Packing tools, Packing knife, Gasket Punch set, Cutter, Winder, Bending machine