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Hangzhou Jia Xiaoshan Tool Company Limited was founded in 2001, is a professional design, production, marketing all kinds of woodworking cutting tool manufacturers, the main products are: all multi-purpose drilling ( Multi Anger Drill Bit ); carbon steel hole saw, keyhole drilling, hand saws, masonry chisel . Company products are mainly sold to Europe, the United States, Canada, and because of good quality and timely delivery by the customer 's wide acclaim. Wherein all multi-purpose drilling is Hangzhou Jia Xiaoshan Tools Co., the company's own development, developed a revolutionary product, can in the wooden apparatus, sheet metal punching, slotting, traverse, go down. Excellent performance, the market prospects are broad, in China Britain and the United States, are applied for a patent.

Hangzhou Jia Xiaoshan Tools Co., the company spirit of " credibility first, customer first " business purpose, dedication to meet the domestic and foreign new and old customer needs, and to provide you with the products and high quality after sale service.