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  • Contact Person:Ma Zhi Xin , Fan Xiao Jie
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The Venus tool factory of Wuxi is that the area of Wuxi produces the tool professional factory of whorl of the bicycle, sewing machine, standard machine.Our main products are short shank nut taps,flat dies,thread rolling cylindrical dies. 

    Our factory has already had a history of 35 years to produce the whorl tool, the equipment of our factory is advanced, Technical force is rich, the products select the high quality steel for use, adopt and roll to press the technology but succeed, It is high, of high quality to have precision, characteristic of having long performance life etc.. Our factory produce whorl tool supervise by national products every technology test and inspect with product by random samples, Reach the domestic similar advanced level. Users use the whorl tool of our factory to already create the quality product and export products exempt from inspection,etc. , User's unanimous favorable comment deeply, our factory can also manufacture various kinds of special whorl tools according to the needs of user . The ordinary whorl short handle nut screwtap which our factory produced is chosen as the quality product in Wuxi in 1987. 

     Our factory passes national ISO1900.1-2000 authentication of management system of standard quality in 2001. Our factory offers the best service to domestic and international user wholeheartedly.