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Rudong Chain Works(Rudong) is located in Nantong, Jiangsu Province,near Shanghai.It is established in 1971,a manufacturer of link chains.Through consistent investment,Rudong now has over 600 sets of equipment,including WAFIOS machines which are the most advanced equipment in the world.we have a full range of chain products,mainly divided into 6 categories: Regular Steel Link Chains,High Tensile chains,Stainless Steel chains,Snow Chains,Knotted Chains and Animal Chains,covering over 400 sizes and specifications.The annual producton capacity is over 40,000 tons,ranking the firist in Asia and the third in the world.

QC is always our top priority.we are now ISO9002 certified.And our diamond type of snow chains are TUV/GS certified . Our products are commonly used in the fields of fishery,binding,lifting,Anti-skiding and decorating.

Near to one of china's major sea ports,Rudong Chain Works keeps competitive price.With a high sence of customer service and quality control,we welcome your inquiries.