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  • Contact Person:LinPing
  • Mobile Phone:13575865388
  • Telephone:86-0576-86448228
  • Fax:86-0576-86443368

This brand has been with Yue Ling since its foundation. It is the most intuitionistic symbols that the company shows. With the bright color and straightaway meaning, it is recognized by more and more retrofitting colleagues and fans. It has lived through the rough startup period with the workers of Yue Ling and witnessed every inch of the steady pace the company made along the way and shared the success that the company heading into the world, as well as looking forward and striving for a better future for the company.

The logo is a transformation of the Chinese pinyin of Yue Ling. It looks like a high mountain as a whole, there is a wheel hub close to the top of the mountain and it maintains the bold and powerful momentum of climbing the highest peak. Although it has not arrived the peak, yet the company adheres to the end, overcoming the difficulties and tramping over hill and dale and it implies the thriving business of the company. At the same time, the logo symbolizes two roads extend to the distance and intersect, there is a wheel hub rolling above with a pure-and-simple pushfulness and swift-and-violent speed which implies the accelerated development of the company in the retrofitting market, the prospect of the company is quite promising!