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LEO GROUP CO.,LTD.(Got Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Stock Code: 002131), a national level hi-tech enterprise, is dedicated to serve people sincerely with LEO products for their healthy life. The company plays an important role in many critical fields such as civil water supply, agricultural irrigation, industrial water treatment, heating ventilation engineering, power station construction, petrochemical engineering, and garden plant protection etc.

Main Business 
For residential & commercia

s of the company .Such pumps are mainly used in five fields, which are widely used in garden irrigation, agricultural irrigation, municipal water supply and drainage, air-conditioning heating ventilation, pipe pressurization, household water supply, residential community, commercial villa etc. LEO has grown into the largest small-sized water pump manufacturer in China.
For Industry 
Industrial pumps cover seven core fields, such as pumps for water systems, for power stations, for nuclear, for petroleum, for metallurgy, for chemical industry, for mines and steel factory. Such pumps are successively working for five domestic power stations, i.e. Dongfang electric corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, China International Water & Electric, China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corporation, Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, pump stations on the Nile in Sudan, and thermal power plants at Rembang in Indonesia.  
For Garden 
LEO has always been dedicated to providing safe, efficient, environmental-friendly garden products, such as shredder, lawnmower, scarifier, chain saw, brush cutter and hedge cutter etc. The products are widely applied in garden greening, lawn combing, tree trimming, yard beautification etc. 
Meanwhile, LEO is also engaged in manufacturing of washing machinery and plant protection machinery, providing products for extermination of disease and insect pest in agriculture, gardens, municipal landscapes, as well as for cleaning of vehicles, vessels, buildings, breeding farms, municipal facilities, airports and industrial mining. specifications for global garden machinery and pumps, to meet a variety of different commercial needs.

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