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ANDA ELECTRICAL WIRE&CABLE CO.,LTD.founded in March 1983, which covers an area of 20666 square meters and manufactures the high-quality wire , cable and plugs.  We have established the long-term relationship with the electrical industry, mechanical - and equipment manufacturing , automation technology, automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, control / measurement, civil market. We will provide different   kinds of products   and  the best follow-up technical support by our competitive staff. Meanwhile, we continue to improve the internal work to provide first-class products with competitive prices and reliable delivery schedules.  

         We specialize  in producing rubber thread, cord, wire harnesses, wires and plugs,  and also advocating and acting in an environmentally-aware not only with the manufacturing operations management system ,technical support system, but also apply ERP to enhancing management effectiveness. Provide fast, quality service.

        In addition to being an ISO9001-2008 certified company, we have received approvals from dozens of outside approval agencies, such as UL, VDE, SAA,CCC, ROHS and a host of customers' awards and certifications. “Excellent Supplier Award”, "corporate credit rating of AAA", "Credible unit "and" advanced industrial Enterprise "

        "Anda" is full of vitality and opportunities,hope to creat a better future with you