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    CCCME Member,Vice-President Company 0
    Products:The CPU processor,integrated circuit chip,integrated circuit;Integrated circuit;Hard disk;Communications equipment accessories,mobile phone parts;Laser transceiver module of optical communication equipment,laser transceiver module,transceiver module,receiver,reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexer module,twelve channel active transceiver module......
  • Liaoning Mec Group Co., Ltd.


    Member of CCCME Council 0
    Products:The oven handle,insulation board,glass plate,glass cover machine controller,fork,stove,anti-corrosion parts,grill,cast iron pot rack;Dairy processing machine;Tapered roller bearing;Liquid dielectric transformers;Railway or tramway locomotives non driving bogie,tramway locomotives non driving bogie of railway locomotives,non driving bogie;Milling sp......


    Member of CCCME Council 0
    Products:Small motor driven air conditioner compressor,compressor for other small electric motor driven air conditioner,air conditioner compressor continuously variable,with stepless variable speed compressor 0.4KW ≤ 5kW < power air conditioner;The CPU processor,integrated circuit chip,integrated circuit;Air conditioning,industrial air conditioner,temper......


    Member of CCCME Council 0
    Products:Portable computer of notebook computer,tablet computer,palmtop computer,pad;Mobile phone,cordless telephone;DVD play host;Notebook computer parts,accessories;Regulated power supply;Lithium ion battery;Mobile phone parts;Computer components;Plug,socket;Static converters;Video signal recording apparatus,video signal reproducing apparatus,player,MP5 p......


    CCCME Member 0
     Shenzhen Besiter Power Bank Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, and headquartered in Shenzhen, covers an area of 3700 square meters , the total areaof the factory site covers 17,000 square meters ,and employs more than 700 workers, we focus on the development of power bank,with integration of R&D,  manufacture, sales and customer service, we have professional R&D design team, with 8-year experience in power bank production and management, 20 years of experience in professi
  • Shenzhen and Wang Industrial Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Notebook computer parts,accessories;Static converters;The wireless router antenna,antenna,signal receiver,wireless antenna disk,external antenna;Condenser microphone,electret microphone,microphone,KTV wireless microphone,hiding type portable microphone,wireless and wire microphone;The handle of the microphone,sound box legs,shell cover,the decorati......
  • SAGE Industrial Ltd Company


    CCCME Member 0
    SAGE Industrial Ltd Company was founded in 2001. SAGE is an efficiently operated business focusing on research and design .Currently, SAGE has developed unique products that have excellent quality yet have relatively low costs. These products are available primarily for the B2B (business to business) market. SAGE’s headquarter is located in one of China’s most active cities, Shenzhen, providing services for the technological industry (with support from the government). SAGE is co


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Emergency power supply,battery,engine lead-acid batteries,lead-acid batteries,lead-acid battery for starting piston engine...


    CCCME Member 0
     Shenzhen Litongwei Electronic Technology Co.,LTD is a high-tech company specializing in R&D,manufacture, marketing and service of protection circuit board for Li-ion battery.    We gathered a group of excellent R&D,engineering and management talents which enabled us solid capability of design &development as well as producing and quality assurance.We keep attention on market demands and lastest technology of our industry,increase R&D input and constantly dev
  • shenzhen sky dragon audio-video technology co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Other included playback combination machine,a radio combined machine;With the clock radio,radio with clock...
  • shenzhen jinbaode trade


    CCCME Member 0
    Shenzhen City Tak Electronic Company Limited was founded in 2005, is a collection of electronic components production, sales, trade agency service dealers. Shenzhen Debao electron Limited company specialized is engaged in the various brands of resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, IC products such as sales, for the vast number of high-tech enterprises, electronic manufacturers to provide high quality, high performance, reasonable price products. The maximum to meet the needs of users.
  • Shenzhen Timesun Electronics Co.,Ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Shenzhen City Xiang Electronics Company Limited (formerly Shenzhen City Yunfei Wang Yip Electronic Company Limited ) is located in the convenient transportation of Baoan Xixiang, covers an area of 4500 square meters, about 500 employees, in addition to have a professional production line, there is an independent mold R & D department, injection department, injection department, screen printing sector and domestic and foreign business sector, is set research and development, production, sal


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Mobile phone parts;The liquid crystal display panel,liquid crystal display...
  • Changzhou Foreign Trade Corp.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Rubber cutting machine,hot stamping machine,stamping machine,spreading machine,rubber or plastic processing machines,rubber processing machine,granulator,hot glue machine;Car headlights,with the lamp base,footlights,step lamp,vehicle license plate lamp,headlight;The vehicle halogen tungsten lamp,halogen tungsten lamp;A cable joint;Iron and steel pa......
  • Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Motorcycle;Motorcycle accessories,motorcycle parts,accessories,gear box;Rear-view mirror steering lamp,rear lamp indicating lamp,purifier,control position indicating lamp,the door warning light,showing the wide signal lights,side lights,license plate lamp,visual signal device;Car headlights,with the lamp base,footlights,step lamp,vehicle license pl......
  • Juli Sling Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Elevator parts;The steel stranded wire,stainless steel wire,stainless steel wire rope,wire rope;Other welded chain,export word chain,welded chain,elevator compensating chain,lashing chain;Non insulated steel tape,rope,sling;Steel bridge,steel bridge sections;Other hoisting machinery,hydraulic crane,crane,jib crane,hoisting machinery,folding crane;H......
  • Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Soft starter,semiconductor module,power module,power supply module,other semiconductor modules with a converting function,with variable flow functional semiconductor module,diode module,inverter module,semiconductor converter module;Integrated circuit;The electric system,UPS uninterruptible power supply,power supply...
  • Zhejiang Mustang Battery Co.,Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    We specialized in producing and marketing dry cells in various kinds. We also have the right to import and export and have 17assembly lines domestic high level for producing super power battery of LR6, LR03, R20P, R14P, R6P, R03P, 3R12, 4R25, CR2032, CR2025, CR2016,CR1220. The mercury & cadmium free green battery developed in 1996 filled the national vacancy. Our business lines are metal jacket, PVC jacket, blister pack battery and lithium button cell. Our annual output are 380,000,000 pieces
  • Xuzhou Hengyuan Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:DC regulated power supply;Regulated power supply;The anti-theft detectors,smoke alarm,reversing alarm device,water alarm,burglar or fire alarms and similar devices,detectors,fire alarm,smoke detector,temperature sensing fire detector...
  • Ningbo Osel Battery Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Other manganese dioxide primary cells and batteries,carbon manganese dioxide batteries,manganese dioxide primary batteries,manganese dioxide battery;Alkaline zinc manganese battery,cylindrical alkaline zinc manganese dioxide primary batteries,cylindrical alkaline zinc manganese dioxide primary cells and primary batteries,cylindrical alkaline zinc m......
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