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Total Suppliers in Machinery for the Preparation of Meat or Poultry Category

  • Products:HONGSBELT HS-901D-HD Raised Bid modular plastic conveyor belt for sterillization. Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt, Plastic Chains Belt, Conveyor Accessories, Conveyor Equipment, Vegetable and fruit processing conveyor, Snacks conveyor, Food and beverage processing conveyor, Beer and beverage

  • Products:Hair Removal Machine JS-50. This machine is suitable for hair removal of poultry such as chicken, duck and goose. 普通型花盖脱毛机 Poultry Hair Removal Machine 型号 Model JS-50 电压 Voltage 220V 50Hz 功率 Power 1.1 kW 电机转速 Motor Speed 1400 rpm 机器尺寸?Dimension

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