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  • Vilun Electric Co.,LTD.


    CCCME Member 0
    Changchun Vilun Electric Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, which specialized in Preformed Energy and Communication Fitting, Circuit Fitting.  It is also a high-tech enterprise that takes preformed fitting, power fitting as its core product with the integration of researching, developing and sales.  Advanced production engineering, professional technical expert team, perfect quality control system make all of company’s products authenticated and appraised by national pro
  • Zhejiang Topchance Group Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Liquid pump;A plunger,fuel filter,filter cover,resonator pipe,respirator filter,fixed shaft protection sleeve,filter tube assembly,a filter shell,filter and exhaust pipe;Pricing scale;Weighing scales,electronic scales,automatic box weighing system,weighing the main piece,scales,weighing device;Lifting machine,material hoist,davits,electric hoist,el......
  • Yantai Artex Trading Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Solenoid,base,electromagnetic clutch rotor,the magnet,electromagnet assembly,transformer core grounding component,sensor,the electromagnetic unit...
  • Hangzhou Edar International Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Aluminum plate,aluminum rail,aluminum products;A hand tool kit;Door hinge,hinge;The stirrup,door handle,magnetic buckle,buckle,a spring rod,base metal parts,other base metal fittings and holder,of base metal frame,bracket;Automatic door closer,closer;Engine nameplate,nameplate,label,sign,number marking;Coating machine,spray type dispenser,injector,......
  • Zhuhai Xinran Group Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Car headlights,with the lamp base,footlights,step lamp,vehicle license plate lamp,headlight...
  • Zhejiang Cathaya International Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:The magnet,the magnet coil,rare earth permanent magnet,NdFeB ring,ferrite,rare earth magnet,NdFeB;Turbo generator embedded parts,a spacer ring,screw,connecting rod,ball,casing;Auxiliary generator,alternator,generator internal combustion engine,generator,diesel engine,the other is attached to the internal combustion engine generator;Engine nameplate......
  • Nanjing Codeal Corp., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Portable electric drill,electric drill,electric hand drill;Aluminum plate,aluminum rail,aluminum products;Air pump,air compressor,hoods,gas mask;Cutting machine,electric screwdriver,riveting machine,portable electric tools,other hand-held electric tool,rotary drive tool;The electric start device,auxiliary starting device,starting box,electronic ign......
  • Shantou Jinhua Tape Factory Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Shantou Jinhua Tape Factory Co., Ltd. is a leading   manufacturer and exporter of Plastic CD/VCD/DVD cases,CD sleeve,CD bag,video   cassette housings (V-0), audiocassette housings (C-0) and customized packing cases since 1988.By keeping of quality and   reputation first,we devote our full attention to the area of audiovisual packing   industry for years and have built up an excellent reputation among our clients   all over the world based on
  • Shanxi Zhongrui Tianyue Trading Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Steel cans,steel container;Pump shell blank,pipe clamp,hanger,D shaped supporting seat,airway pipe,plate,sealing ring,hose clamps,clamp;The drilling tool,threading tool;Screwdriver,wrench;Woodworking machinery blades,woodworking machinery knife,knife and blade for woodworking machinery;Metal beads,metal bright chips,metal buckle;Engine nameplate,na......
  • Chongqing Hybest Tools Group Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Ball valve,check valve,valve,flow speed control valve,filling valve;Valve parts;The overflow valve,relief valve,safety valve,pressure limiting valve;Miniature circuit breaker,overload protector,leakage circuit breakers,car circuit breaker,automatic circuit breaker,circuit breaker;The components of the compressor,fan parts,turbocharger parts...
  • Sichuan Machinery I/E Corp.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Clutch disc,wheel,bearing components,drive components,booster pump belt tensioner pulley,gear,belt tensioner,thrust piece,a lower gear;Diesel engine parts;Parts for turbo shaft engine;Rack end,fixed bracket and the welding head component,control unit of electric power steering,steering shaft sleeve with flange,the cam lever assembly,a steering colu......
  • Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Motorcycle;Motorcycle accessories,motorcycle parts,accessories,gear box;Rear-view mirror steering lamp,rear lamp indicating lamp,purifier,control position indicating lamp,the door warning light,showing the wide signal lights,side lights,license plate lamp,visual signal device;Car headlights,with the lamp base,footlights,step lamp,vehicle license pl......
  • Chongqing Norsen Foreign Trade Developing Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Non central control lock,lock,storage box door,the top window half lock,mechanical lock,electronic steering column lock,door lock,road building machine electronic lock;Piston internal combustion engine parts;Diesel engine parts;A plunger,fuel filter,filter cover,resonator pipe,respirator filter,fixed shaft protection sleeve,filter tube assembly,a f......
  • Wenzhou Yongchang Tools Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Self tapping screws;Aluminium screw pin,aluminum alloy,aluminum alloy.;Hand saw;Saw blade,straight blade,metal processing machinery used for sawing;Files,rasps;Adjustable spanner,adjustable manual wrench;Household hand tools;Drilling tool with diamond,metal ceramic bit,drilling tool;Boring tools,reamer,boring machine;With a knife and blade,nail cut......
  • Zhejiang Fangda Tools Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Hard alloy cutter head,metal ceramic cutter head,with no assembly tool head,not the assembly tool cermet cutter head...
  • Xuzhou Dongpeng Tools Making Co.,Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Diagonal pliers,tool sets,hose clamps clamp,steel pliers,pliers,tweezers,forceps head,opening clamp,pipe clamp pliers separation,Suite...
  • Jiangsu Guoqiang Tools Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Cutting machine,electric screwdriver,riveting machine,portable electric tools,other hand-held electric tool,rotary drive tool...
  • Taizhou Jushui Brass Industry Co.,Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:CD production equipment;Valve parts;Valve;Zinc casting shell,other products of zinc...
  • Tangshan Heyi Metal Tools Making Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Iron and steel doors and windows,threshold,steel frame;Cloth of iron and steel wire,mesh,fence,grille;Rivet;Shovel,spade;Hoe,pickaxe,harrow;Hook knife,cutting tool,the axe...
  • Zhejiang Zhengbang Tools Co.,Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Grinding wheel;Hand saw;Circular saw blade,saw blade with steel working parts;Straight saw blade,saw blade;Files,rasps;Diagonal pliers,tool sets,hose clamps clamp,steel pliers,pliers,tweezers,forceps head,opening clamp,pipe clamp pliers separation,Suite;The fixed wrench,the wrench;Adjustable spanner,adjustable manual wrench;Sleeve conversion head,w......
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